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Want a Family Day Brightener?

Want a Family Day Brightener?


A Family Day Brightener

Want a real family day brightener? Think of the best, most fun, and memorable way to share good family news.  Can you remember some wonderful time when all the stars aligned, and everything fell into place, creating just the right family moment? Those flashes of perfect memories are strengthening to us all our lives.

Family is important. There are tough things that bore down from time to time. So it’s fabulous when we can share a moment of pure joy. Even better when we get to capture it to keep for years, and play back when the kids are grown.

Watch this adorable video and share in one family’s memorable moment! I smiled inside and outside and all over myself, watching this set of parents share the news that their daughter was going to become the big sister.

It’s a real day brightener, isn’t it?!  This wise man and woman reminded me to be glad – every single chance I get. And to share it joyously with my loved ones!

Made me think about how we may choose to make a bit of good news a great family experience. And how we can work at being more creative to capture more perfect moments. With our family, our friends, our co- workers… anyone. And forever worth it. 🙂

Since we’re coming up on Memorial Day, I’m going to ponder over how to make our simple celebration into something the family will remember always. I’m not sure how, yet. But it’ll be a good exercise to figure it out. And somehow, it’s heart softening – which brings us closer together and closer to God. Why not take every opportunity to rejoice, right?

Rejoice and Be Glad!

Hooray for good times that melt our hearts and bring us together, ever more tightly bound in goodness.It’s s simple yet profound way to celebrate our family, and honor each member in it.