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Try To Fix You

Try To Fix You

Man Sings Fix You

Try to fix you.

The sweet man in the video below is an elderly gentleman who planned to sing this song for his best friend. Before that could happen, the friend died. So, he sang it anyway. And softened a lot of hearts. Shortly thereafter he, too, passed away.

This moving tribute is so beautiful. It reminds me, once again, that goodness in action is an amazing concept. We can, in any kind of way that comes from the heart, be a hero to someone else. It’s about love. And hope. And caring. And finding a way to share it in a genuine way.

A bit about the song Fix You:

Coldplay recorded, in their incomparable way, a piece about this topic. I’m moved by Chris Martin’s song in huge ways. He’s  lead singer for the band, and a great songwriter.

Coldplay's Chris Martin and band mates

Fix You is a tender song that was written when his wife, Gwyneth Paltrow, lost her dad… and was a comfort to them during the grieving process.

Music translates into our very core of our being, it seems to me. Every-day people become heroic, if even for a moment, when they become part and parcel with a moving piece of musical material that comes from the soul. Because it transcends other forms of communication. It transforms into what our heart may need, or our soul may long for. It settles into a little space at the crux of who we are, and transports us to a better place inside ourselves. Or a softer place. Or a place where we can feel more of what we might need right at that moment.

Healing and Hopeful

Maya Angelou once concisely defined music as a healer when she said:

Music was my refuge. I could crawl into the space between the notes and curl my back to loneliness.

The gentleman in this video, though now out of pain and gone from this earthly space to a better one,  has left behind a sweet legacy to inspire us. A message of healing and love and hope.

I’m grateful for him. And for this video.

Goodness in action is a wonderful thing!


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