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Some Good News!

Some Good News!


Get Happy!

Get Happy!

I love good, happy news. There is so much sad, disheartening, ugly info in the media. Thank goodness for those who post the good stuff (like Huffington Post) so we get a boost of HAPPY!

I’m going to begin posting Happy News on a regular basis. Just so, if you’re like me, you can celebrate it and share the goodness in this world with others. Yay!

This first one is a video that made me smile inside. Check out an Australian stage performance group do a different kind of show.

Good Performance For A Surprised Audience!

For this next one –  Everyone, look over here and smile!

Look Right Here and Smile!

Happy begins on the inside and spreads to the outside. If we are, that we may have joy, then why not take every chance – all the time – to increase the Happy Quotient? Yay for easy, breezy happiness.  Clearly, there are times when this seems far beyond our reach. At other times, we may feel this is just silly.

Yet, I’ve tried this. Even when feeling very, very ill. A little something happens inside me. It’s a good thing. So I began practicing this exercise of smiling. Then trying to walk and talk with more energy – when that’s possible with health concerns. It helps!

I saw the post below on a friend’s Facebook page the other day. Thanks, Carrie.  It absolutely made me happy inside. Ya just never know…

Good Things Come Around

Good Things Come Around

Happiness is such a gift. It’s one we have to work for, at times. There is a lot of goodness to enjoy today. Today! There is someone who can be helped because of me and  you today! There is something good for each of us to say or write or do in this moment. Well, after you finish reading this.

There are good things around the corner. There are things to celebrate. Even if we sometimes have to dig deeper and work harder at it.Gordon B. Hinckley said,

Cultivate an attitude of happiness. Cultivate a spirit of optimism.

The key, for me, in his statement is the word CULTIVATE.  That would indicate I need to work at it, actively. Pursue it, with focus. Do my homework and keep it on my agenda. We can walk with faith and more joy when we do it this better way.

Have Joy!

Have Joy!

One more for today’s HAPPY news. No huge message or big deal. Or is it?

Goodness and Sweetness of a little child

Thank heaven for the little sweet things in life. I celebrate the goodness and good people in this world.

Goodness matters!



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