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On That Day ~ He’ll Come Again

A little background. . .

On That Day ~ He Will Come Again music CD came about because Steve James, a good friend & fellow musician, & I were speaking to thousands of youth around themes of faith & hope. We thought if we could find a way to inspire & motivate youth through music, it might help them remember goodness & give them courage to face times that require faith, hope, & peace. So we wrote “On That Day” & the songs have been shared with folks of all ages, worldwide.

My personal favorite is probably ‘If I Believe.” My dad had just passed away & some of the lyrics spoke to my belief that sometimes the most important things are felt & not seen!

I hope there are some that speak to you, too. Feel free to listen to the songs from the On That Day He Will Come Again. If you like the music, it’s available for purchase at our Music Downloads.

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