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Must See This Real Love Story!

Must See This Real Love Story!

A Real Life Love Story

This is a Must See, real love story. It’s a picture book, of sorts. Because words really are not needed.

Please take a few moments to enjoy this love story. It will warm your heart, lift your spirit, and “UP” your daily happiness quotient, I promise!

A Good Man Becomes a Sailor


A Good Man and Woman Love Each Other


Deployed to Serve

Serious Injury Brings Him Home

Love For Each Other and For Country

Two Good Folks In Love

Working Together

Love Helps Heal

Love helps heal. And… I imagine… the other way around, too!

Courage to Heal..and Hard Work

The Goodness of Working Together and of Love

Celebrating Joy

Love and Devotion

And They Lived Happily Ever After…

Love and goodness are two amazing principles. Loyalty is another. Courage and determination add even more dimension.

The only difference between difficulty and tragedy is the way we handle it.

If a picture is worth a thousand words, this series of photos is worth…well, it’s priceless and good. The things that matter most are the things that words can’t even properly express.

But the lesson here for me is to remember, once again. how important our relationships are. And regardless of what comes, we can get through it together. Leaning on each other and on the Everlasting Arm. There are always blessings – even in the hard times. On occasion, it seems – especially in the hard times.

Today my thought…myย  feeling is simply this:

Find Happiness

Life is a wonderful gift.

Live it as fully as possible.

Feel and show gratitude.

Be there for the ones you love.

Do what is required.

Find courage in faith, and hope in strength that comes from all good things.

This picture story is an example ofย  where the tire hits the road…. real life, the daily grind, the ongoing building of goodness.

And goodness matters.

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  1. Vickey,

    It is so easy to focus on what we don’t have, what we think we are missing, and overlook the wonderful blessings staring us in the face. You did not warn me I would need tissue!

    Thank you for sharing such a beautiful message!

    • I should have given a heads up to grab a tissue before viewing. ๐Ÿ™‚ I SO agree with you, Stan. They are living proof of focusing on the good, and not allowing trial to take us down. Love them! Thank you, Stan!

  2. Vickey,

    Thank you for sharing this piece, I am going to be reminded when I get up some days feeling sorry for myself that I have nothing to be sorry about. I have no problems to overcome when compared to what this man and his beautiful wife face every day. This is as much a love story as any I’ve ever seen. It warms the heart and perhaps makes us a little uneasy because we fear our lives somehow do not measure up. Who are we to have it so easy when some are called to face such challenges? On one hand makes me happy there are people like this and sad because I’m not sure I could be one of them if this effort was required of me. I love this piece and will use it in my effort to become a better me.

    • Thanks a lot for writing, Mark. Good points. Every time I start to feel overwhelmed about the hard things in my life, seeing stories like this one reminds me of the blessings. We never know what we can do – but we hope to be equal to the task in front of us, each time a mountain comes that we must climb, right?

      Appreciate you taking time to share. ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. Just discovered your blog–what a beautiful site – and heart – you have!!! I was especially touched by this wonderful love story. Brought a tear to my eye and warmth to my soul!! So good to know our world has people like them – and YOU – in it!!! And goodness DOES matter!!! ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Thank you so much, Kari. I’m so happy that you found my site. It’s actually not mine…but for all of us who love, celebrate, and want to grow a bit of goodness.

      I’m with you- this sweet love story is the kind that moves the soul….

      Thank you, Kari! Have a GOOD day. : )