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Mizithra Cheese In My Teeth

Mizithra Cheese In My Teeth

I went to the store with mizithra cheese in my teeth. I smiled and people smiled back. It didn’t bother me one bit. That’s because I didn’t know it was there.  Once I got home, was washing my hands, and looked in the mirror, I saw it. I laughed.

What was I gonna do about it? Not a thing. So maybe I made the day for a few people, shaking their heads at the woman smiling with white stuff in her teeth.

Here’s the awesome part: It doesn’t bother me one bit. This is good, because these kinds of things used to mortify me. I’d worry and hassle myself no end over how silly it was, how embarrassing it was.  Now – who cares?

I love the lessons that come with these kinds of real life, normal, every-day living. I love getting older and putting things in proper perspective. I love getting to the point where I really don’t worry about the small stuff. It’s like the old and comforting quote: “It’s just mind over matter. If you don’t mind, it doesn’t matter.”

So I’ll save my concerns for something that really deserves that kind of attention. I feel so much lighter without carrying around the weight of worry! Large lesson here, right?

Maybe the following quote is a really good one for those of us who seem to entertain any and everyone around us with our [possibly] embarrassing antics.  Just ask my family – I have bucketfuls full of them.

There is freedom – woohooo – in distancing ourselves from moments that we might do differently, if we had a chance. But, would we really do them over again, once we’ve gotten past the ‘now’ and look back at them? Think of the entertainment value at rehashing what were once mortifying events!

“The rate at which a person can mature is directly proportional to the embarrassment he can tolerate.” [Doug Engelbart]

If this is so, then I must finally be gaining maturity in a big way.

And, just for the record, that pasta with mizithra cheese was really good.  🙂


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  1. I think we are now known as crones – a point of maturity in life, and it feels SO good!

    • It really does, Diane – at least the “live and let live” part as well as the “I can do embarrassing things and not worry about it” parts. 🙂

  2. Vickey, I have a hunch people didn’t notice the cheese. You’re smile overshadowed it. 🙂

  3. LOL!!!! Vickey, you remind me of myself. I am ALWAYS doing something dorky. For about 10 years (I’m not kidding) I used to fall. ALL THE TIME. STONE COLD SOBER. I would be walking and BOOM!Down I would go, flat on my face. Everyone that was with me would always die laughing. There were some pretty nasty falls. Now that the arthritis has taken over (probably as a result of joint damage due to the falls), I am VERY careful with my walking. But! Now I have graduated to a big chunk of black pepper or spinach in my teeth-again like you smiling at the world, going home and for some reason looking in a mirror to see some grody to the max object hanging in my teeth. And like you, now I just laugh while pulling out the toothbrush. What can you do? This as you said, is one of the beauties of growing older. I’ve worn a shirt inside out so the label is facing everyone I meet. I saw a girl the other day in the grocery store who was w/ a girlfriend, and her friend laughed at her and said, “Look fool, you have on two different colored socks” and the friend died laughing. The girl with the very OBVIOUS mismatched socks said “Girl, my socks don’t define who I am!” WHHOOOOAHHHHH!!!!! Right on, sister! They surely do NOT!

    • P.S. – That girl’s comments about her socks not defining her… wise young woman! 🙂