Vickey is a teacher, musician, and mom. Goodness makes her world go ’round!  Raised as a Southerner, she loves family, cooking, mashed potatoes and chocolate.

I guess I’ve ended up doing exactly what I would have chosen, had I known it was an option. I kind of fell into this good zone, and things have unfolded in a beautiful way–mostly because of the good folks I’ve met, as well as the priceless moments that have brought lots of joy. You’ll learn pretty quickly that laughter is important to me….and is a big part of my daily life. It’s like a sunshine pill or something! And when the tough stuff comes along, humor gets me through it, along with faith and trust in the things that matter most.
More than two and a half decades of teaching youth and adults on hope-based topics = A dream job. It allowed me to be there w/ the kids most of the time. . . or take ’em with me. For a few years, I was part of a production company that visited school districts throughout the U.S. and Canada, with Positive Message themes. Loved it!

Love The Mountains!

My performance venues have included symphony halls, a repertory theater company, college campuses and conferences. Most of my work though – as a songwriter, author, and speaker – has been focused on the “Goodness-Faith-Hope” themes. Had a few Billboard Award Winning songs and have contributed to lots of albums over the years. What a blast to work in a creative environment, with lots of talented people!
Because of a lifelong habit of getting myself into embarrassing situations, I’ve learned to laugh at myself instead of leaving the job only to others. A good ol’ embarrassing moment makes a great story later on!

I was honored to co-write the theme songs for Special Olympics-Western region, Make-A-Wish Foundation, and the Especially For Youth program. Hundreds of songs have been churned out. Looking back, it seems like time compresses and I only remember the goodness of working with so many talented musicians. Twenty-five years – and counting – of addressing real ways that goodness and hope can keep up moving forward is what I love doing. Yep – the ‘teaching’/sharing is my favorite of all. Now I get to do it through the web! Having you all join in makes it so much better!
The Master’s Degree in Communications hasn’t brilliantly translated in my ‘mothering’ duties but I sure love being a Mom. It’s the best of all my jobs, next to being a wife. That’s cause he’s just – perfect for me. We laugh a lot and talk a lot. Well- sometimes, I talk a lot and he’s a good listener. 🙂 My hubby? Let’s just say I’m a lucky lady. We’re two peas in a pod and enjoy the life journey together. Awesomeness!

Mmm...Tootsie Rolls!

Life has a funny way (which, incidentally, doesn’t usually come in a funny manner) of teaching important lessons. Plowing through the hard times has helped me in countless ways. That “goodness factor” always comes through and teaches me something valuable.
Although I was raised as a Southerner and my husband grew up in Canada, we currently reside in the Rocky Mountains of the West, where we love the changing seasons and the lack of humidity.
Some of my favorites? Laughing, writing, cooking good food ( and eating it), laughing, family time, and driving up the canyon with my husband. And did I say laughing? I love M&Ms, Tootsie Rolls, and brownies. And mashed potatoes. I’m a sucker for tender movies, children and animals, Hallmark movies, inspirational music, and a good cause. I cry way too easily and ya’ know what? I don’t even care these days… I just let the tears roll!
My most fitting “life caption” is probably the title of my favorite movie – It’s A Wonderful Life!


©2004 Vickey Pahnke Taylor

They said she was nuts.
She was not.
She simply had the guts
To go for the gusto.
To grab life by the handful
And not just nibble-
But feast
On the joys of
Giggles and wiggles,
Little nuggets of chat
And whippets of this and that.
How did she dare –
Those daily troubles
That beset and ensnare-
So quickly bounce them off
And looking at them, scoff,
Then go on about her day
As though she had it made?
Not a soul
may have known,
She had secured her own
To the things that matter most.
When life’s troubles
Might toss her about,
She tossed them out,
Threw them in the air,
And left them there.
Then going on about her day
Made the world a better place,
Gobbling up life’s joy
Like a giant bag of