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Make Someone Happy!

Make Someone Happy!
Make Someone Happy!

Make Someone Happy!

Guess what I just learned? Another good way to make someone happy! Found out about it through Pauley Perrette. She works with lots of homeless organizations in ways that help on a grassroots level….

Wait – let me back up.

Celebrity Compassion

Celebrity Compassion

Pauley is the woman who plays the role of Abbi on NCIS. I love the show. Maybe because my dad and my son were in the Navy, and my son-in-law still serves. Maybe because it has fabulous writing and direction. It really doesn’t matter. I”m in love with the family of characters on the show.  They seem genuinely good people.

Ms. Perrette is certainly a celebrity who works to give less fortunate people a reason to smile. Much of her time is spent in serving folks who are homeless, with her own funds and time donated to a number of organizations in southern California.

She said that homeless people always, across the board, need socks. Clean, new socks. She keeps bags of them in the back seat of her car. This way, she can hand out a pair [or a bag of them] to someone on the corner, when she’s stopped at an intersection, or whatever.

According to her,  the look on the face of these folks is a gift in itself to her. Huge eyes and this look of :

You Understand!

I’m gonna try it. What a simple, inexpensive way to do a little bit of good; to show a little bit of love; to serve in a tiny way that brings huge smiles. Yay for Pauley Perrette, and all those who are like her…. taking time, energy, and means to show true compassion. Kudos to this smart, give-from-the-heart lady!

Sock It To 'Em!

Sock It To ‘Em!

To be honest, I’d not have thought of socks. It made me realize that I need to take another step inward and find more real, genuine, This Matters To Me acts of charity for those who need a hand up. Every time I have another Aha moment about service in genuinely loving ways, it softens my heart yet again. More clearly, I see that it’s up to me to be the hands, the eyes, the help that someone needs, should I cross their path.

I remember Mother Teresa’s words:

I cannot do great things. I can only do small things with great love.

Haven’t you heard folks who say they feel they must do something on a grand scale to count? You know – like – Go Big or Go Home. That just isn’t the truth. It may keep us from being the one to make all the difference – to bring a drop of happiness!

Think of your own life’s circumstances… When you look back, doesn’t it become clear that it’s the little things that usually make all the difference? That lovingly timed phone call, the smile or hug at just the right moment?  The seemingly perfect little answer to a prayer, or gift offered at a crucial time? And you’ve been that light – that gift- on lots of occasions.. right?

We Can Do Good Things

We Can Do Good Things

I can’t prove it, but I’m pretty sure I have about the grandest grandchildren in the universe. Here’s an example of Bang for your Buck:

Any one of them comes in my front door with a big smile and a genuine hug for their “Mimi”.  All the world is grand at that moment. They may not know it, but their show of love can calm a hurting heart, sooth a tired and aching body, and tend a weary mind. A small thing? Maybe for them. Not for me. Grandchildren rock.

Another beautiful quote locked in my mental files is this one:

No act of kindness- no matter how small- is ever wasted.

Socks for a homeless person who feels rejected, dejected, and depressed. A little note to a shut-in, or an email to a widow. Some cookies to a friend who is sick. Allowing a driver to merge ahead of you. A hug to a family member or friend. These are small things. But they make a better world. They bring relief, tend a heart, grant a bit of sunshine in someone’s perhaps cloudy sky.

A Bit of Heavenly Light

A Bit of Heavenly Light

If every day is about choices- and it is- then I am going to choose to find more small ways to help. Because I can offer them with great love. And you know what? I have a suspicion that angels rejoice each time you and I do a little something for the next fella or gal. Because it’s plain old from-the-heart goodness.

And goodness matters.

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  1. Vickey,

    I always love reading your posts, even when I don’t comment. It is hard to not smile as I read them. I love NCIS too and it is my wife’s favorite show. It is wonderful to learn that Pauley Perrette is as awesome off-screen as she is on.

    You are right, GRANDCHILDREN ROCK!!! As you know I have been sick for many years, but three years ago our first angel grandchild was born and a miracle happened. From years of neurological illness my body lost the ability to smile. No matter how hard I tried I could not get the corners of my mouth to lift and form a smile. Then our angel was born and the pure joy of this beautiful gift from God sparked something inside of me and now I can smile bigger smiles than ever. If I need to smile, I just think of my grandchildren and I have an instant ear-to-ear smile.

    One of the things I miss most due to my illness is the ability to be out in the community and serve, which is why when I have strength, I use the Internet. I love to share my faith and love of the Savior with others on Facebook, blog, or comments on blogs like yours. When I hear something I said touches a heart, then it brings me great joy to know I helped one of our Father in Heaven’s children.

    Thank you for sharing the joy of serving others.
    Your friend,

    • Stan,
      You are a gem. What a beautiful thing to read that you can smile with your grandchildren! There are so many things we take for granted…until we, or someone we love, loses that ability. Thank you for sharing. You are a fine, gentleman. And, it seems, a great example of understanding the concept Goodness Matters. 🙂
      I hope and trust that you’ll see even more improvements. I very much appreciate your reading here at my website. You make the world better!



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