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He Restoreth My Soul

He Restoreth My Soul – some of my favorite hymns

My mom used to ask me to record a few of the good hymns that our family loved, “even if it’s just with a recorder sitting on top of the piano, with you singing in the living room.” I finally did what she asked – with my little recorder sitting atop the piano to make a tape. It brought me to tears watching mom’s own tears of joy. I knew it wasn’t necessarily the music, but my faith & testimony of goodness, that moved her.

Several years after mom passed away, I selected a few gospel tunes that had brought us peace & joy…& my good family memories.

“He Restoreth My Soul” – a simple piano & strings collaboration with long-time music partner Randy Kartchner of Nashville, TN – is an offering in honor of mom & dad, & a gift of love to my children & grandchildren. It offers no Big Sound or fancy ..anything. Just a heartfelt way of sharing faith & hope through hymns. This music CD brings tender thoughts & goodness to my heart. I hope you may feel the same.

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  1. Vickey, I was browsing around in the precious few minutes I had available to me today among all the packing…..I chose to spend or maybe rather, “invest” those few moments listening to the voice of an angel, my friend, sing “Where Can I Turn For Peace?” I just rested my back in the office chair, closed my eyes, and just audibly ‘savored” the delicious flavor of such a pure and pure melody……Your voice took me back to a special “picnic spot in my spirit” that I enjoy with Our Father in heaven….times have been so unsettled with such rush to hurry and take responsibility for the days passing too quickly along, when I will be leaving my home where I raised my children…..and coming back as a guest here with a turn around of good fortune. I will now be a guest in HIS house. Yet the love and the memories will await us all, just the same. Thank you for sharing these sweet hymns with us girl. I thank the Lord for the pleasantness of your tone quality. Mine -well, I can make a joyful noise to the Lord, and I’m sure he is always smiles hearing the coughing, first trying to clear my throat. and then my love for my God coming out a bit stonger in a few on the primary songs.With my arm s folded….”…..I’m trying to be like Jeusus, perfeck in every day….” as he eyeballs me to cross my arms reverently together. My evening prayers are said my friend, I pray our dear Lord will watch over us the beautiful night, and awaken us with the sweet beauty of warm sunlight as the morning’s rays wash over our cheeks. I am kind of *hoping, that pretty soon you will have “In the Garden” included in those beautiful songs listed above we can begin our days with…an especially fond song of mine. It’s something very special about me walking with God in the garden among the dew and the squirrels and bunnies…..I will keep coming back to check sweet friend.. I hope the angels will watch over you tonight as you evaluate your busy day, and get excited about the one being sent on it’s way come morning. (((Hugs)))) for tonight. Love you for all your goodness. Night, Vick.<3

    • Debbie,
      These are the sweetest words. 🙂 Thank you. I love music so much, and how they can fill our souls. The collection here on the site includes one of my moms’ favorites, as well as one of my dad’s. My father’s very favorite, though, was In The Garden. I actually already have a minus track of it done… just haven’t been able to sing for a year now- since being hit by the truck. I’ll get there…. and will complete more hymns!

      I’m grateful it was a lift to your soul- that’s what they’re for.

      Many thanks for taking the time to write this sweet note,