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Football And Family – A Nice Twist!

Football And Family – A Nice Twist!

What a nice twist! While some focus on family, others on the food and Macy’s parade, Thanksgiving means – to some – football. Here’s a delightful news story about pro football coach who stresses the importance of family as priority.  It’s a good little article that made me smile… and the principle is not at all small.  Seems perfectly as we approach Thanksgiving. In a perfect world, we’d combine food, traditions,  family, friends,  football …. any of the things that make us happy.  But it’s this lovely little twist – from an unusual football coach- that caught my eye.

Giant thanks to Ryan for bringing this good news to my attention!

Football Player and a Family Kind of Guy

I’m kind of a football-aholic. Just ask my family… I watch loudly, passionately, and love it. I think I could make a good ref. But I’d want a bubble-wrap suit as protection out on that field. These guys eat, sleep, and drink their sport. Coaches require total dedication from their team.

But Miami Dolphin Coach Joe Philbin’s philosophy seems to be Family First. I really like this guy. His key player Davone Bess had an issue: his wife was about to give birth during intense practice before a crucial game.  Coach Philbin’s advice to his player? Take the time you need.  Family comes first with this coach.

Read the article below to learn the whole story. It’s not long, and worth the read…And a good reminder of keeping our priorities in check. There are such simple ways of making our world a better place. Don’t you just love to find them, and savor them?!

It’s almost Thanksgiving here in the USA. A time for family, friends, principles that matter most. These kind of articles – this kind of fellow – is a delightful example of goodness.  We need more stuff to read like this, don’t ya think?

And for all you good folks who live in different countries– not one of us needs a special reason to seek out more goodness.  It’s all around us – at least, most of the time.

So let’s be on the lookout: We may see all kinds of examples of goodness happening. We can do a little something – a tiny act that seems insignificant – and boost the Goodness Factor for someone else. It’s amazing how tiny little kindnesses can grow into such a delightfully HUGE movement. That’s what I hope we can do.

Cheers for this football coach who ‘gets it’ that a balanced life is a happier one.  Maybe other sports folks will take note. Or it will inspire someone to do things just a bit differently – with a bit more thoughtfulness in the mix. Or maybe it gives us another little reason to give thanks. That’s always a good thing.

And goodness matters.

Have a Happy, Good Thanksgiving!

Have a Good and Happy Thanksgiving!



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  1. Oh what a neat story! I admit I have some disdain for football- probably in part because of the way it takes over some people’s lives. I’m so glad you shared this story of a few people who put family first. That gives me hope! That story brightened my day.

    • Thanks, Holly! This one brightened my day, too. It’s so nice when we find a spotlight on something and/or someone GOOD…. It’s fun to share these articles. I’m with you… it gives us hope.
      Thank you, Holly!


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