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Five Easy As Pie Ways to Have a Happier Day

Five Easy As Pie Ways to Have a Happier Day

Some days, when I wake up grouchy or out of sorts, (I wonder why that is, anyway?) I need a quick fix to shift the mood. Here are a few easy as pie ways I’ve found to make my day a happier one.  I hope one might be a help in turning your day around. If you’ll share your favorites, we all get to learn NEW ways to easily make a happier day.

Hum Your Way To Happy

Hum Your Way To Happy

 1.  Hum

Music is a big ol’ blessing in my life. Humming is something I do when I’m not even aware of it. But, through the years, becoming aware of it, has caused me to take note of my current state of mind and heart.  Humming is a happy thing. Just like smiling on the outside – when we catch a glimpse of ourselves in the mirror- actually brings happiness to the inside of us?  Humming has the same effect.

My dad was a hummer. And a whistler. These many years since he passed on, I hear his whistling. I hear the echos of his humming. And it makes my heart happy. It brings comfort. It makes my day better.

Have you ever been in a store, hearing a fellow shopper singing, humming, or whistling along with the store’s music? Doesn’t it make you smile? If you have the urge to join it, I say


You might be making the day for someone you’ve never even met before! Maybe that’s just me- since I have hummed my way through so many stores. Every once in a while, I see the smile of a passerby. It’s a simple way to have a better day. Plus, I think heaven smiles when we’re humming happily.

BTW  I used a humming bird photo above, simply because I love them. If I could see one every day? That would up the Happy Quotient too!

Put On A Happy Face Maybe?

Put On A Happy Face Maybe?

2. Take time to put on a drop of makeup or fix hair

Because I’m simply not in that vibe anymore, this one is for me. What you see is what you get. It is what it is.

But, then, when I DO take a moment to ‘dress my face and hair’ – even a tiny bit – I at least know I made the effort. Not a soul may notice. But I know.  I’ve heard it said many times that making this effort raises our spirits. At this point, I’m willing to keep at it – some days, anyway – as an ongoing project to increase the Happiness Quotient margin. I do feel pleased that I stood in front of the mirror long enough to paint a bit. Ha.

Men, this point you can skip over entirely… I haven’t known too many guys how cared, anyway.

And that causes me to think. Then why do women? Are we more comparative with each other? Do we dress for ourselves, or to impress other women? Are we making something out of nothing? If  we are happy, then what’s the big deal? It all seems very — earthbound, rather than higher – seeking.

We can have a fine discussion on this. Some valid points could- and should- be made. Some of the most beautiful people I’ve known were not the most attractive – based on the world’s puny measuring stick of what makes someone pretty.  We’ll chat about this soon. It’s all about being happy with self.

Being Happy With Myself

Being Happy With Myself

For now, this fix – yourself – just – a – tiny – bit is counsel that came from my mom. And she was a beautiful lady with beautiful wisdom.
Going thru cancer, chemo, and many different difficult  surgeries, she knew herself well enough to realize she should make an effort at “fixing herself up” a bit.

She had her hair done weekly, if it was humanly possible. She put on lipstick. Said it made her feel like she was trying. And, wow, did she ever try. In every way possible to her. Perhaps I am simply trying to follow her example… wanting to feel close to mom. It doesn’t come naturally to me. I don’t do it every day. Because this isn’t my real means of feeling better about myself. But  a bit of vanity is still here. Taking three minutes to do my hair, or put on blush and lipstick are simple dimple ways to uptake a little bit of happy, some days.

This may not be of importance to you. What matters is finding those things that do make a difference for our mind and heart.  I imagine you have your own little ways of feeling more happy.

I don’t know what guys do, in some little way, to feel happier. I asked my husband. He said:

We go fishing. We might go buy something

Second one was a shocker to me. I thought it was mostly women who were into retail therapy. But having never been a shopper myself, and never asking a guy how he ups his Happy Quotient, I only have hubby’s input. Now I’m wondering how many Retail Therapy trips he has taken. Ha.

So men- what DO you do, some little something, to have a happier day?


Brownie ice cream snickers amazingness

Brownie ice cream snickers amazingness

3.  Eat a treat. Make a treat. Share a treat.

A silly little thing? Maybe. But here’s the thing:


For a more smiley day, and for no other reason, why not eat a little chocolate we’re craving? Or something salty – in my case. Or whatever rings your bell at the moment. It’s even better when we share with someone! Drop the guilt and enjoy a moment of yum.  Chocolate seems an almost universal trigger for cheer. Indulge a little bit. Simply because!

Visiting Brings Joy

Visiting Brings Joy

4.  CONNECT : Visit, call, write, text, or Facebook a family member or friend

Connecting is good for the soul. I am usually better off when I’m not isolated. Because health issues keep me more secluded on many occasions these days, more is required of me to reach outside my quiet Just Me bubble. Taking the chance to reach someone who is struggling to feel needed helps.  Even better to make that effort when I’m the one struggling on a given day. Sharing something positive, laughing and smiling together – even if we can’t see each other – is nurturing. I still say In Person is best. We get to hug.

Happiness grows like crazy when we reach out and touch someone with kindness. Pushing myself when it’s hard is good for my soul. The results are two (or more) happier people.  Find the sunshine and celebrate it, right?

Find and Celebrate Sunshine!

Find and Celebrate Sunshine!

5.  Prayer and Laughter

If we’re praying people, that’s a perfect and healing way to raise the roof. Prayer is actually my favorite way to uplift myself. It really is …

the soul’s sincere desire

Our earthly woes can be temporarily, at least, distanced and we come away from our prayers with renewed hope and tender mercies.

Finding something to laugh about is such a blessing. I turn to Youtube, every once in a while, I scroll the news feed on FB, or talk with a family member or friend to share something silly and fun. Laughter really is good medicine. It’s a beautiful, cheery part of life. Both laughter and prayer are sunshine in the soul.

What is your favorite way? What else can we do to increase our stash of Happiness Helpers? Whatever they are, they add to the goodness.

And goodness matters!

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