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Author: Vickey Pahnke Taylor

This Year I’m Trying To Be Brave

  The Year of Being Brave This year I’m trying to be brave. I have long ago stopped participating in the New Year Resolutions. I just try to figure relevant ways to improve myself as a person, and make better inner peace with myself. To take baby steps toward being better. To let go of something that has held me at bay- concerns, worry, this or that New Idea (actually we get new versions of the same ideas, over and over again.) This year, I am trying to shake off the surgeries, hospitalizations, and months of being ‘in my...

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Five Easy As Pie Ways to Have a Happier Day

Some days, when I wake up grouchy or out of sorts, (I wonder why that is, anyway?) I need a quick fix to shift the mood. Here are a few easy as pie ways I’ve found to make my day a happier one.  I hope one might be a help in turning your day around. If you’ll share your favorites, we all get to learn NEW ways to easily make a happier day.  1.  Hum Music is a big ol’ blessing in my life. Humming is something I do when I’m not even aware of it. But, through the...

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Where Do You Get Your Inspiration?

Where does your inspiration come from? Where do you get your strength, the deepening of faith or courage, the means of building a better life? Seems there are so many voices calling to us- shouting at us – pushing and pulling for our attention. This morning, I’ve been thinking about all that noise. All the pop-ups, so to speak, that vie for my attention – my thoughts- my emotions. Because I needed to quiet all that noise inside, I did what I often do [aside form prayer] and took to the Internet. Finding the right quotes and videos brought...