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An Impossible Dream?

An Impossible Dream?


Impossible Dream

Impossible Dream

Is that what we dream? An impossible dream? Is there such a thing?

Don Quixote, the brilliantly written fictional character, has a thing or two to teach. He’s a loveable, eccentric, faith – filled fellow who lives in his own mind space and sees the world with different eyes. He is set on lifting the world beyond a more sorry state so that others may reside in a more chivalrous state, filled with morals and values that he believes count. Is he brilliant or crazy, or a little of  both?

In the windmills of our mind, which way do we rotate? How do we see things and people around us? I’ve thought a lot about this business of how we set our course, and how we seek to make a better ‘us’ as we do our little part to make a better world.

The New Testament says, in Matthew, that Jesus taught this:

With God, all things are possible

Can we have no limitations, if we set out mind and heart to it, believe and trust in God, and set about making our world – in whatever little space we occupy- the best and most beautiful we can imagine? Who says we can’t? Does it take courage? I have no doubt of that. In most other realms, doubt doesn’t work in our favor…..

If I move forward, not doubting [yep- there’s the rub], I can keep on keepin’ on. Richard G. Scott once said:

Doubt is spiritual poison that stunts eternal growth.

Every once in a while, when my Doubting Thomas thoughts want to hover, I need one of those super powered vacuum cleaners- the mental and spiritual kind – to sweep through me a few times, removing any remnants of that spiritual poison.

And when I fall off my horse? Or worse, when it bucks me and I’m scared to get back on that proverbial animal?  I need a good shot of Quixote- like optimism and magical wonder – enough to get back on the horse and ride again. Enough to keep on dreaming impossible dreams.

Get Back On the Horse

Get Back On the Horse

One thing about Don Quixote- he never gave up. He may have been lost and a bit looney, but he was loveable and positive in his quest, wasn’t he?

If I hold to my beliefs, my trust in good and valuable goals, can’t I shake out any questioning of heavenly dreams and aspirations? My God, I know, is stronger than any dark uncertainty.

Don Quixote’s dream was one that made for a colorful life. Others poo-pooed him. He didn’t care. If each of one of us held tight to our faith and lived our dream that we can make a difference for good in this world, what would happen? Once we saw that in simple, doable, daily ways, we can chase windmills and see them, catch them, conquer them? Wouldn’t it be a better world?

Man of La Mancha

Man of La Mancha

If some laughed and pointed at our silly notions or thought us out of touch with reality, that would not impact our ability to create a better place, would it? And maybe many lives would somehow be better because they were inspired by our own desire to move forward in unwavering faith.

 It’s a gallant quest. One I really love engaging in. Some may call me silly. Too much of a Pollyanna. Unrealistic. Too church-y or old fashioned. Even in this world of new technology, though, certain things don’t go out of fashion, do they?

I have a sneaking suspicion that there are many of us who believe- as did Hugh Nibley- that

We may have a mind open to infinite possibilities!

With the open mind comes an open heart, in most cases. That offers more faith in ourselves and in grander, heavenly things. Then that gives us more trust in the achieving of seemingly impossible dreams. Windmills, indeed!

Windmills Of Our Minds

Windmills Of Our Minds

In some small sense we can be like Don Quixote. Preferably with a keener sense of wisdom and a stronger sense of truth and balance. Because of it, we could deliver a little drop of joy here and a scent of sweetness and hope there. People would smile a little more, and be uplifted.

Our courage would pay off in limitless ways. Our small efforts would be very magical and very good. For ourselves and all those who know of us.

And goodness matters.



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