Am I Smart Enough?

Am I Smart Enough?

Am I smart enough? Dealing with trials and  juggling the stuff of Life, do I have the patience, wisdom, and oomph it takes?
Ever grown tired of the grind? Overwhelmed with difficulties? Want to take a breather in a place of perfect comfort and calm?  Me too. But that is seldom

Real Life

Real life offers moments of exquisite joy and perfect peace. But mostly it’s all about the juggling, sorting through, and learning. About doubting, then overcoming the doubt. It’s messy and it’s sometimes scary.
Patience is required. And wisdom. Both of which I have had short supply, and both of which I’ve come to appreciate more as I age. A bit of HAPPY grows as I figure out when to keep my mouth shut [still working on it. A lot] and when to refrain from doing some impulsive something or other that is unnecessary. And probably stupid. Which is pretty much the opposite of smart.
Mark Twain said,

It’s better to keep your mouth shut and appear stupid than open it and remove all doubt.

Yep. That’s the truth.
I sometimes feel I’m in over my head, but learning comes. Crucial wisdom and patience come from the learning curves, I suppose. Especially when I remember to keep my mouth shut, or remain firmly rooted in place rather than take a step closer to what could be a disaster.
So today I saw a photo on Facebook (on Sharon Cohen’s page- thanks, Sharon) that made me smile. A thousand words’ worth of wisdom were captured in the picture.
Hopefully, it will do me good when I need to be more patient or wise.

Patience and Wisdom!

Patience and Wisdom

Ha! I need to keep it near the top of my mental images, so as to have as much wisdom as that dog.
These days I am physically doing so much better, having distanced myself from the heart and kidney problems of last summer and fall.  But it has been slow going. Each time I think I can ‘act normal’ enough to drive to a store, or to a speaking engagement be able to say


another physical assault comes. It gets frustrating. Yet, having gained a bit of patience and wisdom, I don’t wanna be a downer for my family or friends.  Or make more trouble for myself. A bit of ‘smart’ kicks in. I go back to the place where patience and wisdom grow best and most beautifully:




It doesn’t make my problems go away. But somehow it changes me. It gives me enough of the aforementioned attributes to hang in there.
Usually, that is enough. You know?
Struggles Are Part of Life

Struggles Are Part of Life

What are you struggling with? There is heartbreak and back breaking difficulty for so many of you. We deal with valleys of adversity. Sometimes those valleys are very deep and last for a long time. There is a quiet joy attending our efforts to comfort and assist each other. We are all smart enough to acknowledge the peace we gain when we help someone else.
I remember the words from scripture ~

As I have loved you, love one another.

When I think of others’ trials -trying to figure something to help them along – my own issues don’t weigh me down so much.  We’re all in this together. None of us gets out without a good tutorial or two… or ten.  With them, a bit more patience and wisdom comes my way.  So does deeper love for my fellow beings who have their own Hard Stuff.



Difficulties will hover as dark clouds.  Flash decision making will continue to be part of the mortal ride. Hopefully, we learn from the poor choices, mature in smart decision making, and accept the tutorials as a way to become better.
I have no Brilliant Advice. I don’t have Ten Miracles to Make Everything Better. Or any of the zillion numerically named posts that are titled in such a way to get more readers to click on the blog.
Nope. I  simply know

we can do hard things

So, along with prayerful thoughts and quiet pondering, I’ll picture that dog and skunk.  I figure it will give me a lift as it reminds me to be careful in my next step…. when to go forward, when to have enough wisdom to pause, and gaining a personal portion of wisdom to enjoy this ride. It is an awakening to real, potent, quiet joy.
Maybe I am smart enough. At least, when I lean on the One who is best equipped to help me. That’s comforting to my soul.  A real boost of goodness.
And goodness matters.