a New, Good Year

Even though I’m a few days late, today I’ve made a decision to make 2013 my new, good year. I kind of make this decision every New Year, but this time – it’s different.
If you don’t want to read my short philosophising, please skip right down to Reason Number One for why I’m set to make my new year a good one. 🙂
Maybe it’s because last year was so crammed full of good and not-so-good experiences. Maybe because I learned tons of new lessons through those experiences. Or maybe it’s because there seems MORE right now.
Recent events on our planet, difficulties of friends who have blessed me with their strength, good examples by those who had no idea I saw or heard or felt their goodness might be why I feel this MORE – NESS.
It might simply be that I’m another year older, grateful for the chance to keep on breathing mortal air. To keep on living, loving, learning. Seeing with new eyes [the physical ones, as some of you know, are failing. . . but the eyes of the soul seem more focused, so I see with more clarity] allows me to work at making this a good year, daily.
More good than last year.
More thoroughly caring.
My rudder more solidly centered.
My gratitude factor soaring off the meter.
Note that the emphasis in on try. My best. My whole-hearted MORE. Whether things are happy or sad, bleak or full of promise.

A little Seed of Faith for More

A few reasons – among many beautiful ones – that I would like for my new year to be more good:

1.  Remembering our visit to the children’s hospital at Christmastime

I posted on Facebook about my hubby and I visiting one of our neighbor friends’ son, who was – once again- in the hospital for major surgery. We sat with the dad, hugged him and looked at Noah [who was still asleep from the anesthesia]; we talked together and prayed together.  When we left that hospital, our hearts were once more focused on the Things That Matter Most. How humbling to make those trips to a hospital where children deal with the most difficult of physical trials, and those who love them ache and feel helpless to do much of anything to ease the pain.

Good Things at Primary Children’s Hospital

Many good folks contribute to the atmosphere at children’s hospital. We got to see the finished work of artists who created Santa in his sleigh and all the reindeer – sculpted from ice – so those entering and leaving could share in a bit of magical goodness. Warmed my heart.
Lots of good things happen at that special place.
My own grandchildren have been the recipients of the goodness at Primary Children’s hospital. Faith, strength, and hope seem to lift you up when you walk through the doors. The grand pianos that sit, awaiting any pianist to play, are only one indication of attention to detail from hearts that care and minds that dare to make hard things a little bit better.
I want to remember. I want the memories of goodness and hope and sweetness of character- even during the most trying times- to distill upon my soul and set me on a higher path to feeling, finding, and growing goodness.

2.  My husband’s goodness

I have this Other Half of me who doesn’t mind going through ugly, tough self examination in order to be better. He works at accepting more goodness and joy, tossing aside the false parameters he accepted earlier in life. The harsh diagnosis of a physical ailment hasn’t dampened that desire. It has probably strengthened his resolve to be better than his circumstances.

Healing and Goodness

His heart is good. His desires continually grow in the right direction while he works without need of praise or credit. He deals with injustices and falsehoods in a higher way, knowing that One Fine Day everything will be set straight. So he gets up and goes along, trying to make things as good as possible… knowing that heaven can heal all earthly hurts and answer the questions that need answering. His example makes my heart smile.
I want to emulate.

3.  There must be opposition in all things

Opposition Gives Us Eyes to See More Clearly

Of a truth, how could we recognize joy if we didn’t have sorrow? How could we understand and appreciate good health if we never dealt with physical difficulties? How could we know goodness if we hadn’t felt or seen otherwise?
The sun shines on the good and the evil. The rains come on both, too.
I believe the words my wise mom taught me from the time I was a little girl:

It all comes out in the wash

All Comes Out In The Wash, Doesn’t it?

Opposition, while bothersome at best and almost devastating at worst, allows us wisdom and more clarity of vision.
Well, I should speak for myself. It has helped me- allowed me – to see better, to feel more, to understand goodness in a way that helps me take the next step forward. You know?

 4.  New Possibilities exist every day.

This is something I know. I don’t always do something about it, but I know it.
So here I am, with a whole year of daily possibilities. What am I willing to change and to improve upon in order to build a year of MORE? I’ve got all kinds of answers. You probably have your own.

Better Things Are Coming

More importantly, I now need to go and do. Go and feel. Go and grow. I’ve gotta look for those Better Things!
There is goodness in the desire. I’m trusting in what I know, and joying in the chance to make it happen. You want to join me in the making this year a new, good one?  So many of you are brilliant examples to me, already. If we strive to do just a little bit more? Be a little bit more? In tiny increments, it is so d0-able. That’s beautiful goodness.
And goodness matters.