Christmas and Goodness

With Christmas being only a few days away [argghh.. time does seem to ‘fly on wings of lightning’ at this time of year], I’d like to take a cue from an embroidered sign that has been in my home for many years. I put it up each holiday season. This is what it says:

Wise Men Still Seek Him

Over the next few days, I’ll share a few ideas that have been sitting in my heart, stirring around, as ways to better seek Him. Daily. In Real Life. Doable. And, I think, strengthening to my soul.You’ve probably already thought of them, and do them. Let me know, if you don’t mind, as you read the different principles I’ll share over this next week.

Peace on earth, good will to men

To have angels speak such beautiful words is huge in and of itself. What I failed to realize for a long while was this: Peace was literally on earth, when the Christ child was born. That’s really Good Tidings! The Prince of Peace had come to take up residence on this earthly footstool, to provide the way for any who are willing to seek Him.

Prince of Peace Born to Earth

Not just the Goody Two Shoes…The angry and lost. The militant and the bothersome. The believers and those who spit on holy principles or turn their backs on Holy things. The willing and those who won’t be bothered. The wretched as well as the meek, righteous followers of truth.
Jesus Christ was born. The Ultimate Gift. The Ultimate Giver. And it makes me think:  How can I give – a little more, with more pure intent, better gifts? And receive in a more thankful, more accepting way?
Here’s a precious story that jump-started my thoughts about this whole (wonderful) principle of giving and receiving:
The Man, The Flowers, and the Lesson in Giving
There is a story of a bus bumping along a back road in the south. In one seat, a wispy old man sat holding a bunch of fresh flowers. Across the aisle was a young girl whose eyes came back again and again to the flowers. The time came for the old man to get off. Impulsively [I think it was an impression of the Holy Spirit], he thrust the flowers into the girl’s lap.
I can see that you love these, and I think my wife would like for you to have them. I think my wife would like for you to have them. I’ll tell her I gave them to you.
The girl gratefully, without second thought, accepted the flowers and watched the old man get off the bus.
Then she watched him walk through the gate of a small cemetery.

The Gift of Flowers and Love

What a precious story, right? He seems a wise man. A giving man.
There are gifts we can give and receive that require very little, except thoughtfulness…and a bit more wisdom. Along with a desire to seek the Savior in tiny, good ways that can change a moment- change a day – change a life.
That life just might be our own.

Gifts That Change Hearts

Haven’t you been changed in an instant – your soul having been moved by selfless kindness? Or just the right words? Any little thing that hits the heart with powerfully good force?  Oooh- I have. And on occasion – when I’ve been wise enough to follow the promptings to do The Rightest Thing, an even more powerful goodness has grown inside me.

Help me be like the Wise Men

There are five gifts I’ve been pondering about those Kings. I’d like to share, over the next few days. Their preparation, testimony of truth, courage, and endurance are mighty symbols of wisdom, as well as giving and receiving gifts. The Wise Men have a lot of good lessons to teach.  I hope that one of the thoughts might brighten your day or help you better enjoy a lighter holy season.  It takes just a little bit of light to scatter a lot of darkness.

Little Bit of Light

Or maybe you have a story to share about your own giving and receiving that will help me – and any others who read this site?
My love for Christ grows appreciation for all good people and good things.  I know God loves every one of us. I figure He’d appreciate our giving it a go at better connecting and caring for any of His children with whom we come in contact – on a bus, standing in line, at a shelter, down the street.  Those who believe similarly and those who are of different faiths.  It’s what makes for true joy and peace at Christmas … and always, don’t ya think?

Peace On Earth

I have such good friends! People of many walks of life, various religions [or without any seeming belief in God] – they bless my life. I love ’em. They bring more to my journey, and I appreciate them very much.
I have a sneaking suspicion that wise men [and women] recognize that love binds us all, regardless of our faith. And that there are good gifts to give and to receive, from many different places and in so many different ways.  That’s such a good thing.
And goodness matters.