Fragile Musical Treasure

Less than four minutes. That’s all you have to give up in order to watch something that could change your life. At least, your day. Watch this beautiful video that teaches us about a whole different kind of music. How to find it. How to build it. How to grow goodness!
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Thanks, Misty, for sharing this video. I somehow think it makes each of us a little bit better – a little more aware of our blessings and of all the opportunity around us – if we have eyes to see, ears to hear, and hearts to urge us forward to do something good!
This gives a whole new meaning to the phrase:

Love is in the air!

Magic of Music is Transforming

Transformation is an interesting word. We can transform trash into treasure. We can transform lives by offering a simple gift that may unlock the door to a different, better, more beautiful journey. In my experience, music can be transforming. This kind of music- created from the goodness of hearts of those who seem to have ‘nothing’ but – in what matters most- have it in spades.
Spencer W. Kimball said:

We are in a position, as musicians, to touch the souls of those who listen.

The good people – young and old – in this video are proving that the entire process of putting together instruments, finding the right owner of this gift, and then enjoying the strains that come from a grateful heart and the talents developed is heavenly.
Such little, tiny things can bring about miracles. In every condition, in sickness or poverty. In crisis and in the lap of luxury, there is something good we can find….Something good we can do…. Something good we can build.  We can become participants in amazing experiences. And bring about life-changing opportunities. The way these good folks – the ones in the video – have done it? Well, how cool is that? How ingenious. Bless them.

From Trash to Musical Treasures

However we can contribute, it’s good.
And goodness matters.