Deerly Beloved -Tall Tales and Warm Hearts

Think of the biggest fish story  you’ve ever heard. Then wind into that tall tale a story that can warm any heart. Call it deerly beloved.
I’ve heard some of those tall tales that fishermen share. But this one? It’s the coolest and craziest. This captain and his family went out for fish and caught…. deer!
Check out this story – in – pictures. What an amazing day out in the Alaskan waters. It may have been very cold, but this is a heart-warming story. And it’s true! Hooray for the good guys out there.

Captain Begins the Great Rescue

Captain Tom Satre was the hero of the day. Taking his family for an outing, they got more than they’d bargained for. I’d love to have been on that boat!

Goodness In Action

The captain said they were crossing the inlet when they came across the deer who came swimming toward the boat. They looked exhausted. So the captain went to the swim step and started pulling them up with one of the lines.

New Crew On Board

After rescuing all the cute little creatures, he headed back for the boat dock.

Deer – ly Beloved

One deer jumped onto the dock and took off; two others had to be coaxed off the boat. And the largest deer seemed too exhausted to move. So the captain loaded it up into a wheelbarrow and pushed off the dock. Eventually, the deer stood up and stumbled off into the woods.

Not A Random Act of Kindness!

They Lived Happily Ever After

They lived happily ever after.
Or, at least, I imagine they did. For sure, there are a few deer in the Alaskan woods who must be grateful for a sensitive fisherman and their good fortune. I think heaven smiles when good men spring into action, helping God’s creatures. Besides, what a great story Captain Satre has to share with his family and friends!
I wonder what the deer are saying as they munch leaves together, dry and safe?!

Captain Satre- The Good Fisherman

The incident happened more than a year ago, but through the Internet, it keeps growing virally. I think it’s a great story to pass around!
Captain Satre joked that it was like putting four teenagers in the car. He added that it was a great feeling to be able to help them.
Three cheers for this good man and his family. I’m pretty sure their outing turned out differently than they’d planned. That’s what happens – often – when we go with the flow. With open hearts and a caring compassionate soul, we can do a little good for a lot of people… or a few of the innocent animals who may need our assistance. Along with coming to their aide, a great many more folks get an uplift by reading about it the kindness shown.  That’s good stuff.
And goodness matters.