Unless you are living in a cave or a yurt in the mountains, you have heard of the devastation caused by the monstrous Hurricane Sandy.
But, you may not have heard of the beauty amidst such devastation.
At times like these, there are some that do great, heroic deeds–and then there are the many who, like Mother Teresa once said, recognize that while they cannot do great things, they can do “small things with great love.”
Here are a few:

Small Things…

This New Yorker has rigged a power strip outside so that those who have no power can come by and charge their cell phones.  It’s not a big thing, but to those who use their cell phone as a line of communication to their family, as well as depending on it for emergency updates, it means so much.
What I especially loved about the photo was his smile.  I think that charged people as much as the power charged their cells!
The night of the hurricane, an anonymous taxi driver took people who needed to evacuate wherever they needed to go–free of charge, of course.
And this article at DNA Info is chock full of people helping people in dire situations….just ordinary people doing small things with great love making a huge difference in the lives of their neighbors.
But those seemingly small things–a little here, a little there–are really heroic as they add up.
And, I think when we look at the overwhelming devastation, sometimes we think that we can’t do much–or maybe anything.

A Beautiful Reminder of Hope and Faith Amidst The Devastation

But, even a prayer offered to strengthen those facing trial has power.
More than we think.
And the smiles, the tender words of encouragement, the donations of time, money and resources…the tender acts of small kindness–those are the things that lift and carry and comfort those in the midst of tragedy.
So, remember when you are watching the news, or looking at Facebook, or checking Twitter, that even your small prayer counts for something.  That small act of goodness–IT MATTERS!
Looking for ways to help?  This post has a great list of legitimate charities and groups that are helping, and The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints Humanitarian Aid, known worldwide for their organized and quick to respond disaster assistance,  gives 100% of your donation to help people in need.  Just comment that you want your donation to help Hurricane Sandy Relief.