A Real Life Love Story

This is a Must See, real love story. It’s a picture book, of sorts. Because words really are not needed.
Please take a few moments to enjoy this love story. It will warm your heart, lift your spirit, and “UP” your daily happiness quotient, I promise!

A Good Man Becomes a Sailor


A Good Man and Woman Love Each Other


Deployed to Serve

Serious Injury Brings Him Home

Love For Each Other and For Country

Two Good Folks In Love

Working Together

Love Helps Heal

Love helps heal. And… I imagine… the other way around, too!

Courage to Heal..and Hard Work

The Goodness of Working Together and of Love

Celebrating Joy

Love and Devotion

And They Lived Happily Ever After…

Love and goodness are two amazing principles. Loyalty is another. Courage and determination add even more dimension.

The only difference between difficulty and tragedy is the way we handle it.

If a picture is worth a thousand words, this series of photos is worth…well, it’s priceless and good. The things that matter most are the things that words can’t even properly express.
But the lesson here for me is to remember, once again. how important our relationships are. And regardless of what comes, we can get through it together. Leaning on each other and on the Everlasting Arm. There are always blessings – even in the hard times. On occasion, it seems – especially in the hard times.
Today my thought…myย  feeling is simply this:

Find Happiness

Life is a wonderful gift.
Live it as fully as possible.
Feel and show gratitude.
Be there for the ones you love.
Do what is required.
Find courage in faith, and hope in strength that comes from all good things.
This picture story is an example ofย  where the tire hits the road…. real life, the daily grind, the ongoing building of goodness.
And goodness matters.