You Are Not Ordinary

You’re not ordinary. Neither am I. Even at times when I feel duller-than-ordinary, or think that I have nothing to contribute. Truth is, there’s always something I can contribute. It’s better if my contributions are good ones, rather than not-so-good ones.
Have you ever said something in just the wrong way, and ended up communicating anything but what you meant? I wish there was a switch I could flip, to stop that from happening. Too often, what I mean comes out wrong. And it turns into a negative when it wasn’t my intention, at all.
But there are some magical moments when I feel- genuinely feel extraordinary. As though my living and breathing truly does make a difference, and that I can fly. Not like Peter Pan, but – symbolically speaking, I soar.  Almost always, it’s when I’ve gotten myself out of the way, saying or doing a little something that has deep meaning for someone else.  I did or said what I felt impressed to do….. without making a mess of it by over-speaking or under-thinking, you know?
Every once in a while, I’ve felt like I didn’t know what to do. .But upon retrospective thinking, I think that’s a cop – out. Maybe I wasn’t brave enough, wise enough, awake enough, in tune enough, or strong enough to do what needed doing.  Sometimes I did nothing. Which was a choice in and of itself. Scared. Not good enough. How to do it? What am I thinking? etc etc etc…..

We Can Fly

(Photo by Chandra Sugiharto)

The truth of the matter is that you always know the right thing to do. The hard part is doing it.

~ Norman Schwarzkopf spoke these words. It was this quote that got me thinking about doing the right thing.
Then I realized that I should elevate my thoughts about being ordinary, or make note that we should get rid of words like  ordinary, and normal, and average.  Who determines this stuff anyway? Where do the stats originate, and with a study of how many? For what cause are the elements of data collected?
It’s limiting and off-putting, and often causes harm. Because medically, emotionally, spiritually, I am uniquely me.
Maybe we are – each and every one – extraordinary. And if we realized it, we could enjoy our individual journey more fully. Maybe we could stop and think about the right thing to do, and then do it. If it’s out of our grasp at the moment,  for whatever reason, we could stop being so hard on ourselves by comparing self to him or her or this or that.
There is no one else like me or you, in all the world.  Each one of us is born individually. Unique and good. Because I think God does good work. I believe that His work is extraordinary. So, each one of us is extraordinary, without ego or pride, that seems the right thing. You know?
Knowing it – or even being open to the idea – might we peer inward a little deeper and celebrate the ‘right’-ness of ourselves?  I’m gonna work on that.  More and more. And let go of the notion that any comparisons should EVER be made.  It will allow me to do right by myself. To better appreciate the person I am… the person God sees with His perfectly extraordinary vision.  That would be a good thing.
And goodness matters.