Made a Mess of Things

Oh, the times I’ve made a mess of things! Foot in mouth disease -bad.  Overwrought. Overwhelmed. Taking a molehill incident and creating a mountain. Going to Worst Case Scenario. Ugghhh. It’s a ridiculous way to live. [the photo is from, but I’ve had lots of moments like this- outwardly and inwardly -in my life.]
Finally, I began to see the forest instead of only the trees. It made things a lot simpler. And life, for the most part, happier.
Mostly, the increased joy factor came because of this concept:

How simple it is to see that all the worry in the world cannot control the future.

How simple it is to see that we can only be happy now…

And that there will never be a time when it is not NOW.

Gerald Jampolsky wrote these words. I love them. It’s pretty simple to put my head around the truth that no matter how much worrying I do [or let go of, and b r e a t h e ….], I can’t control the future. Period.

Resign as general manager of Universe

Like some other women I know, I used to buy into the notion that I, somehow, should be General Manager of the Universe.  At least my portion of it. We women think it’s easier. Wow- do we scam ourselves. Man, have I breathed better since resigning from that job!  I’m kind of old now. There are enough years under my belt to have learned, changed, let go. Among the things I let go is the General Manager title.  These past years, I’m only a supervisor. 🙂
Yesterday really is in the past. It’s gone. Tomorrow hasn’t gotten here. What l have is NOW. There’s a lot of peace in accepting this reality.

Enjoy the Now

In the New Testament, we are encouraged to not worry about tomorrow because it will take care of itself. Each day has its own issues, and God is watching over us. [Sixth chapter of Matthew.  So much good stuff there.]
A 1973 remake of Lost Horizon is one of my favorite movies. I searched for it for years. Finally found it on Amazon a few weeks ago! Woohoo.  It was so much fun to watch, remembering the songs [!] from long ago, and basking in the goodness of the movie. No gross stuff. No inappropriate innuendo or dialogue. Full of hope. One song includes these lyrics:

The world is a circle without a beginning, and nobody knows where it really ends

We can make a mess of things when we blend yesterdays, tomorrows, and todays all together. I’ve made a real mess of things, doing that. The circle concept is real. It leads to pondering, and to ‘getting’ this truth:
We are here, now. It is the best place for us to be. Thanks, Spencer H for that reminder at church.
We can find happiness. Now. Even if things are truly hard and dark. Even if our heart is hurting, and tears don’t want to stop. There are  little things to bring goodness. There are blessings, if we’ll think about them and give gratitude to our Heavenly Father for them.  There is joy to be had. Good, childlike joy.  Even when [maybe, especially when] we have to dig for it.

I’ve been able to let go of most of the somethings that have happened in my past.  I’ve become less starchy and less concerned about all Who, How, or Why’s of the past.  It’s working out well for me.  Simpler. More quietly joyful.
Those things coming down the pike? I’ll take them as they come. Not one moment before. After all, Mark Twain was right:

I’ve worried about many things in life. Most of which never came to pass.

If men are that they might have joy,  I want to enJOY every moment. Simpler equals less messy. It’s easier to find joy and goodness right now.
And goodness matters.