Choice- What Comes With It

Choice is a great gift. What comes with it?
I have a couple of thoughts that have been ruminating inside myself. Maybe they won’t be at all relevant to you, as they are to me. But just in case – here we go:

1. Every thought is a seed. If you plant crab apples, don’t count on harvesting Golden Delicious.

Golden Delicious – Good!

Bill Meyer created this awesome sentence. Faith is a seed. Thoughts are seeds. Choices seem, actually, to be seeds. We’re gonna grow what we plant. So, taking care of this gift of choice would allow us to enjoy a much better harvest.
Digging through negative thoughts is well worth the effort. Tossing them on their ear – burying them far from our mind and heart – counters  a great deal of … stuff… dark and harmful influence, you know?
The aching of body parts, added of flab in places I never knew it could show up, and diminishing energy aside, I love getting older. The pieces of wisdom and influences of goodness settle in more. It’s easier to plant good seeds, more often.

2. But men never violate the laws of God without suffering the consequences sooner or later.

Lydia Child shared that thought. I love it. Just because I don’t know everything [even much more than a particle of truth, here in mortality] now, He does. Laws that govern His universe – the ones that I am aware of – apply to me and my choices. Eventually, there are consequences to take on the chin, so to speak.
We choose not to take a coat when it’s turning cold outside? We’re free to make that choice. But we will still be really cold when the temperatures drop. And that’s just a simple – as – pie example. Others are much more impacting and … well… miserable.

3.  If you can accept that a bad choice carries the seed of its own punishment, why not accept the fact that a good choice yields desirable fruit?

Freedom and Self Worth

Gary R Blair is the writer who shares this thought. I know it’s similar to my number one thought, above. But here’s the thing: I’ve seen that many people seem to have a harder time accepting and embracing good things than hard ones. Our attitude – our acceptance of more good will open us up to more good things and feelings and blessings.
It is tied to our self worth. Forget self-esteem. My personal view is that ‘self esteem’ is tied to outward things like:

I must have this kind of clothes to feel good about myself.

I must lose twenty [or however many] pounds to get back my self esteem.

I need X number more dollars ….

Don’t say anything negative to me, or it will affect my – yes- self esteem.

I realize I may get pounded on this. That’s okay.  Because you can disagree with me, and it’s all good. Here’s my point: Self WORTH comes from inside, based on an understanding that we’re God’s children, He loves us, and we don’t need any of this mortal stuff to recognize our eternal worth.  We are more free to soar, to enjoy the journey, to see the good in ourselves, when we freely accept the worth of our soul.

It also helps in making good choices when we begin to feel our worth. No one can take that from us. We just need to find it. Recognize it. Joy in it. An added bonus is usually an increased ability to make good choices. . . knowing the consequences will follow.

We are so very lucky! And loved. We can increase it, incrementally, as we go. There is goodness in knowing that.

And goodness matters.