Distracted? Use Humor!

Humor is a good gift.  I have to use it… otherwise, I might have lost what’s left of my mind by now. Ha. This is a mantra I use:

If you can laugh at it, you can live with it.

That’s what Erma Bombeck said. Well, I also saw Author Unknown. So I’m not sure who originally said it. But it’s a good sentence to remember.
As it turns out, I’m easily distracted. I went decades having no idea. I just thought I was forgetful. Or so full of creativity that I came spilling out – in creative ways. Or that there is so much on my mind that it’s easy for me to start down Street A, but detour to Road B, up Lane C, and then – maybe- back to Street A.
What??! How did I miss this? I had no idea I was easily distracted…. Unless you count the times I think of something to say in the middle of saying something entirely different. And share it, of course. Or when I jump in on someone’s sentence because I thought of – or saw- something cool. Or head to the kitchen to get something, stop along the way to do… who knows … and then forget where I was going, and for what.  You get the idea.
So – I am easily distracted. Ice cream, anyone?

Laugh – and Eat some Ice Cream

Have a happy day. Laugh at the little things. Being distracted is one of the little things.
I believe God has a perfect sense of humor. And He probably laughs lovingly – often – as He watches us. He would probably prefer that we giggle our way through many of Life’s Stuff. There is plenty of heavy and hard. It’s got to be good for us to follow the advice given by Hugh B. Brown:
A wholesome sense of humor will be a safety valve that will enable you to apply the lighter touch to heavy problems and to learn lessons in problem solving that sweat and tears often fail to dissolve.
And if you’re distracted? Go with it…. even laugh at it.  There are lots of worse things you could be.