Four Powerful Things To Say

There are four powerful things we can say that may change everything. Well – not everything. But we can see some things change in wonderfully good ways. We should use them daily, all the time. They are really short. Really simple. And really effective.
Fact is, most of us are taught them as little children. They sometimes work like magic!  Sometimes the overgrowth of mortal weeds along our life path might cause us to put them in our backpack, not pulling them out as often as we used to.  Maybe the negativity pounds down on us and we forget the magic.

Magical and Fairy Tale- ish

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But keeping them right there in our front pocket, where we can use them freely and with gusto, a strange [and yes, maybe even magical] transformation can be wrought. This sounds all fairy tale-ish or Disney-ish — or maybe childish. But I remember that even the scriptures tell us the importance of learning [or growing, or remembering, regardless of how hard the mortal journey] childlike qualities that fit us for the Kingdom:

Except ye turn and become as little children,ye shall in no wise enter into the kingdom of heaven. [Matthew 18:3]

With the power of certain things we choose to say, it might seem as though our path has been treated with some weed-be-gone!
So – here they are – those powerful things we can say:

1.  I’m sorry.

Why is this one so hard to say sometimes? In a relationship, it’s win-win or lose-lose. My children taught me so much about simply saying these two words with ease. As they got older, it got harder. It’s that mortal overgrowth….  And I keep having to pull out the weed-be-gone when I find it hard to push those two little words out of my mouth. Sheesh. I’m getting better. But it’s high time!

It feels good to cross those bridges of forgiveness that can be crossed. When we’re the one who has offended – intentionally or not – there’s power in taking the deep breath and saying – honestly- those two simple words. It brings healing.

2.  Thank You.

One set of the Magic Words from childhood, right? These should be easy to say. Lots. Often. To anyone. Sometimes we think them in our minds, but don’t get them out there in the open, where they need to be. So others recognize that we recognize them. They’re important, powerfully loving words to say. Goodness springs up and grows so easily with this set of words.

3.  I Love You.

My take is that these words are overused by a lot of folks who haven’t stopped to think about what they even mean. They’re tossed around freely, in some circles. But little heart and soul to back up those words. I LOVE YOU is powerful when we study what love means. When we work at it. When we swallow pride, put away foolish thoughts, put others first, and practice with an eye on being more like the Savior would want us to be. Using the Golden Rule.  This kind of I Love You brings commitment, loyalty, kindness forgiveness, and goodness.
I found this cute photo on Google images…Love it because this kind of simple exchange, when shared earnestly, can be truly powerful….

I Love You

4.  Please Forgive Me.

This is another one that pride can smash. I am thinking that if we put aside ego, and think of how simply we could soften a hardened heart or situation with these three words, so many things could change. Walls could come down. Joy would increase. Wars could stop before they even began. Tears of happiness could replace tears of pain. With just three little – but powerful – words.
I’m not writing these because I’ve mastered them. I usually write stuff because my mind is on it, I need to work at something regarding what I write, or because I feel prompted to. So lest you think I ever set myself on a higher step, nope – I don’t! The older I get, though, the more beautiful and important these personal principles and practices become.


They can grow more goodness in me, and create more for the ones I care most about.
And goodness matters.