Crooked Gerberas have been on my mind this week.
Years ago, we were flower farmers near Sydney, Australia.  One of the flowers we planted was the Gerbera Daisy.  I loved those big, beautiful, bold blooms!
One day, I came down to the shop to see at least 20 lovely flowers on the floor.  I was startled, and asked my husband about them.  He picked one up and proceeded to show me how the gerberas on the floor had stems that were not perfectly straight, and some had little imperfections that made them unfit for market.
I proceeded to cry as I grabbed a flower vase and began to gently and lovingly pick them up.

Not Crooked Like Mine, But You Get The Idea

“They are perfect to me, thank you very much.  I see no imperfection. In fact, looking at these will make me even happier.”
From then on, my house was full of crooked gerberas.  Every room had several jars, vases, and other makeshift containers full of them.  Never again would I prefer the perfectly white lilies we also grew.  Never again in good conscience could I look at a straight gerbera in my home…not when there were so many crooked ones to take care of!
After all, don’t we all sometimes feel like them?  Tossed on the floor because of some perceived, man-made standard of what will sell or fit in, or what is normal, when in God’s eyes, we are absolutely, perfectly formed–regardless of crookedness, or other physical differences–and in some ways, the flaws can make us all the more loveable, and dare I say, more perfect? Exalted even?
Those crooked gerberas were easily successful at their mission–to bring joy and testify of their Creator!  All they needed was someone who could see with different eyes.
They brought joy beautifully–even more so, it seemed to me, than the straight ones.  It seemed that they were determined to let me know that they were grateful for the chance to fulfill the measure of their creation…by manifesting the works of God among the children of men–or in this case, my children and this child (me).

So, if you see a slightly imperfect, crooked gerbera anywhere, please buy it.  It will make you happier than the perfectly straight ones.