If I Could Sing All Day - Joy!

If I could sing all day long, I’d do it – with joy. Music is mysteriously wonderful for its ability to move people when  words, expressions, pictures, may not. Some days I’d like to sing – all day – about my faith in Christ, songs I sang to my children when they were little, or hymns that were my mom and dad’s favorites. I’d try to reach somebody’s heart and bring a little bit of healing. Or share their pain. Or lift them up.

Children Singing at Primary

Psalms 98:4 teaches us that we should…

Make a joyful noise unto the Lord!

These days, I’m not able to sing. Bummer. Since an accident last year, the jaw won’t allow it more than a tiny bit.  I have every feeling – and trust – that I will again. For now, I sing in my head. And I listen and appreciate the music that comes from so many delightful sources.
One of my granddaughters loves birds. She loves any animal except some creepy crawly insect-y ones. Night before last, a parakeet flew into one of our backyard trees! He sat very still as we quietly approached him. When she started singing to him [my granddaughter’s great suggestion] he began to sing along with her!
He didn’t like it when she switched songs, sitting down into his feathers. So, she went back to “You are my sunshine” and he joined in again. What a stellar duet!

A Friendly Singing Parakeet

Music moves me tears, to dancing around, and contemplation, as well as to reverence and deep gratitude for heavenly principles.
Sometimes, it seems to move my body. I’m quietly leading the music along with the conductor at church. Even with my foot. Or I’m moving my head – or entire body- to a tune going on inside my mind. Maybe while driving. It’s an interesting site, I’m sure.

Music Moves us in Lots of Ways

Music is good for the soul. It helps with discouragement and sadness. When King Saul was depressed,

David took a harp and played…until Saul was refreshed. ~ Psalms 16:23

Albert Einstein made an interesting remark about the alternate life choice he would have made:

 If I were not a physicist, I would probably be a musician. I often think in music.  I live my daydreams in music.  I see my life in terms of music.

That Mr. Einstein was smart enough to find such joy in music causes me to like him even more.

Jesus Christ and Music

Music must be eternally important. I had read the New Testament several times before I “saw” the scripture in Matthew 26:30 that shows how important music must have been to Jesus Christ:

And when they had sung an hymn, they went out unto the Mount of Olives.

So, at the Last Supper, during those final moments that Jesus would spend with his devoted disciples, they bound themselves together, and to heaven, through music. That’s an example I’ve kept in the front of my mind and heart.
So- When I can sing again, I’ll do it even more often. And that’s saying a lot. But music that strengthens me, helps me. Calms me. Blesses me. When we join in singing- whether it’s Happy Birthday for a family event or a hymn at church – it feels good. It’s at the core of who we are. Music brings joy.

I think – If you can sing – sing! If you think you can’t, do it anyway. It’s more about making that joyful noise than sounding like your favorite mega performer. I imagine our Heavenly Father smiles, because I imagine He loves music even more than we do.

We don’t have to be brilliantly talented to make beautiful music. Some of the most heavenly sounds I’ve heard have come from little children who sang all over the map, and from a group of mentally challenged [I prefer differently-abled] people whose voices were not perfectly in tune, but seemed perfectly tuned into heaven.