Music Heals

Music heals. In so many ways, it mends the soul of the person performing and the persons who listen to the recital of the piece. Just the right song can provide the inspiration to keep us moving when everything inside us is wanting to give up.

Music is what feelings sound like

I have searched for years to find the author of these words. Each time, I see Author Unknown. I’m grateful to the originator of the thought. So often, music speaks when words can’t quite convey the words or the intent of the heart.
Music. I can’t imagine life without it. So often a beautiful hymn runs through my mind and heart, offering exactly the peace and comfort needed. Sometimes, it makes me want to dance. But I usually don’t. That’s a little bit scary. 🙂  I found the awesome photo below on I love it because I believe it.

Music Heals the Soul

There have been some real rough spots in my life.

  • Times when I wondered if I had the strength to stand up and walk another step.
  • When my heart was so broken by harsh words or fierce untruths that I wanted to give up.
  • When I felt so boxed in by a seemingly unchanging dark situation that I almost folded.
  • Moments of physical challenge when the medical community gave up on me.
  • When the pain of one of my children or another was almost consuming for me, too.

A hymn would quietly come into my heart. The gentle sound of just the right music would drift into my soul, granting a bit of peace. A prayer. A strength. And sometimes, a way to keep looking forward for the next tiny speck of light to show me where to step next. A healing agent from heaven.

A Speck of Light in the Darkness

You wanna know a secret? It was supposed to be impossible for me to ever sing. At age 13, my voice disappeared. The short story is: tonsils had grown down over my vocal chords and disparaged them to the point that I would have a raspy speaking voice and no way to sing. That was harsh news to a young girl who had been in love with music from the time I could recognize what it was. By age 3, I was finding my own harmony lines to songs on the radio. So the Lord instituted another plan. That’s why, when offered a part in a Broadway musical while in college, I deferred. Some thought I was crazy. Lost my mind. Ungrateful.  Whatever…..
I just needed to make sure the music I wrote and performed was for the Lord. Because He had granted me the voice that I was never supposed to have. How awesome is that? And how awesome is He?!

Gratitude For Music

The music inside of me is like a fountain of healing water. Sometimes it’s just pure fun. And sometimes it’s a means by which the Spirit can move folks, and elements of truth can imbed themselves. The works of many friends and artists lift and inspire me. The old gospel standards bring joyful memories of standing around the piano with my mom’s extended family, bound together by the magical cords – and chords – of song.
Sometimes a brilliant flash of inspiration comes from a supposedly handicapped person who decides to say,

No- I don’t think so. I am not handicapped! Watch me!

Watch this video and you’ll know what I mean.
A young Chinese girl named GuiGui Zheng is from a very small town. She had never sat down at a piano until three years ago. How she plays is impressive. But more beautiful is that she is able to play at all. Watch her right hand.

Her performance moved me to tears. As much for what she exudes from her spirit – or more- as the breathtaking goodness of her talent. People like her teach us a lot about goodness and the art of healing. Thank you Holly [] for sharing this video.
Music is decidedly subjective. What one loves, another may not. The wonderful thing is that music speaks to us, individually, as we need it to. It can change things for the better. Because it changes us for the better.