A Happy Oreo Day!

What if we created a Happy Oreo day? What if, in honor of their 100 years of making them, we choose to make this coming Tuesday the day we all eat an Oreo. [Note that I didn’t say an entire bag of them, which sounds more appealing but less healthy.]
Or, choose any kind of cookie or treat that makes you smile. Then head to the store to go get yourself some of it. [Or, big shocker here – make your treats from scratch.]Then down the hatch with one or two of them, in memory of the love you had for them as a kid; maybe some good memories that involve this treat; or as a way of simply making the day a happier one.  Everyone can use happy, smiley times.

Happy, Smiling Kitten

Because it is usually the little things that make for a happy life, our little choices to add goodness – even in silly little ways like this- may uplift us.
Then, when we share with our family and friends – or even strangers – imagine the smiles we can create! I’m thinking that if I create a three sentence introduction, I could stand in the parking lot of a local store and have a lot of fun. And brighten the day for quite a few people as I share!
Okay – I’m gonna do it.
To follow the Savior’s counsel to “Be of good cheer” is important for us to remember when we are going through stormy times. It’s a reminder that He is always, there, loving us and ready to help us through. But the good cheer can blossom during the sunny times, too. And bring gladness to “the other guy.”

Little Things Make Us Happy!

This Tuesday, I will be out and about for a while, passing along Oreos. Maybe I can create an alter-ego: Cookie Girl, or something. Maybe not…..  But I’ll have fun.
I invite you to join me in the cheerful project! And I bet we’d all love to hear how your experience goes. Send in a summary of your experience. Include a photo, if you’d like. I’d love to put a few up on this site for everyone to enjoy.  It even allows the happiness of the entire thing to be passed along further.  🙂
I know this is a silly thing. I know that if you make your treats from scratch, you will have to pass them out to neighbors who know you – because of health laws. And I know that happiness doesn’t come from a treat [although it has been known to help, on occasion…]  So – we might want to choose a different kind of celebration day – one to which we can bring more gladness without it being junk food. That’s a great idea, too.

Treats are Good for the Soul?

On another day, we’ll try it and see how it goes for us. But this week: Let’s enjoy Oreo day.

People seldom notice old clothes if you wear a big smile.

Lee Milden shared those words. They’re true. And if we’re sharing cookies?! Even better!  In such little ways as this, we build goodness. And that matters!