Good People - Alex's Lemonade Stand

Alex had cancer, and she wanted to do something about it. Not for herself – for other kids with cancer.
So she started a lemonade stand. Sounds like a sweet little idea, right? But it grew. And it grew. And it grew some more. People fell in love with Alex as well as her wonderfully good idea. So they supported and they created new branches and soon – there was a foundation in Alex’s name.
I love this foundation. Not simply because of the goodness of a little girl. Nor for the healing it must have helped bring to her family when she passed away. Even more  than the many who have been helped because of Alex and her goodness, I love the idea she came up with.

Lemonade is so good!

Who doesn’t like lemonade?! It’s refreshing and yummy. And just the opposite of the sadness and difficulty with which cancer is associated.
The color of Yellow is so good. Woohooo! President Monson said that yellow is the first color. There must be a beautiful reason for that. Maybe many reasons. Besides, that bright golden yellow sun that rises in the sky brings joy and hope and yellow goodness to the soul.
Yellow is associated with happiness and with hope. At least to me. The sunny-ness of it makes me happy. So I smile inside that Alex would choose something yellow to share her good idea. I imagine the color brought her joy.
There are so many wonderful causes in need of our help. Maybe you have a cause you’d like to share with us. Please do. It’s good for our souls to learn of the good people in this world. And of the good they do, the joy they bring, and the hope they offer. The good example encourages us to “go and do likewise” as the scripture tells us. It attunes our soul to the sweet things of life, and reminds us of the good things we should never take for granted.

Sweet Little Blessings During Difficult Times

The sweetest thing of all, to me, is that little Alex had others on her mind when she began this project. Like so many little ones with illness and distress, her thoughts were not on herself. She wanted to reach out and help the next kid. Probably her mommy and daddy, too. Moms and dads need special tenderness and grace and mercy when in the throes of such heart-breaking issues with the children then love so dearly.When earthly time is short, more love and prayers and care are needed for the family of the ones who are soon to leave. It is a time of tenderness and sometimes- as in the case with Alex – a time of more goodness to grow.
Maybe the sweetest blessing is in knowing that those little ones are no longer in pain. And that their sweet legacy can continue to make us better and stronger and kinder people.  Thank you, Alex!

Thank You