A Few Good Ideas on Happiness

Thomas S. Monson  offers some good, practical ideas to increase our happiness quotient. At least, that’s what I call it. We can be happy in direct proportion to our perspective in any given situation. Keeping ourselves steady allows us to remain right side up in a sometimes upside down world.
Today, I share the first few suggestions he has taught. They’re easy and do-able:

1.  Keep your mind stored with constructive thoughts.

The negatives of getting through heaps of laundry, dealing with crazy traffic, struggling with bills, or feeling overwhelmed with So Much To Do can wipe out the bank of positive stuff. If we remember to ‘bank’ our positive, faith-lifting thoughts, it allows us to draw on that savings when we need it. And we can fill it every day- in tiny ways- if we look past our problems and see the good. As often as we can. Noticing even the tiniest, precious good things has given me the strength to get past a dark hurdle or tough moment. I’m still working on this!

Tiny Good Blessings

2.  Look for the Beautiful and pleasant things in life.

It’s a cognitive choice. An active participation in a sometimes ugly world. There are beautiful moments, and glorious spots of light and joy. If we’re too far in the hole, we miss the pleasantries. But if we keep working at it, it becomes easier to find those good things. Ya know what? I think we often have to look with our hearts, as well as with our eyes.

3.  Have no regrets- live in the present instead of the past.

This one can grab us and not want to let us go. So we have to, with energy and power, break free from the chains of guilt and regret. It will plague us and block the way to enjoying TODAY. It may get in the way of making and moving toward good goals in the future.
What’s done is done. My mom used to tell me: It’ll all come out in the wash.

It All Comes Out in the Wash

Sometimes the wash cycle is a long one. But it does all work out. Letting go of the past is so healthy!

4.  Give every man a square deal, whether he be a prince or a pauper.

Great advice. I believe that in the Lord’s purview, there is no ladder of success that makes one person better than another. Being nice as we head up the ladder, back down the ladder, or choosing not to use one at all [wiser, surely] would help us and the folks around us to be happier.

Be Happy

Don’t Worry. Be Happy.
That’s it for today. We really can choose a garden of gratitude and happiness instead of a den of despair. I’m game to using whatever tools are given me that might make my journey more light-filled and more joyful. Happiness, using these four little ideas, is more achievable.
Oscar Wilde said:  Some cause happiness wherever they go; others, whenever they go.    Ha!  I choose the first category, please.
In little ways, I can be a happier person. And more pleasant for everyone around me.  Love these ideas!