Kindness is its own reward.  It really is. We’ve all heard that “When we light the way for someone else, we lighten our own path as well.” in some variation of the thought. I’ve seen it in action, felt the ‘sharing’ of light when someone has helped light my way, or I’ve been able to do a little something to help another.  What a rewarding way to live!
I believe it’s true that when we do any kindness for another, it imprints on our hearts and we’re better for our effort. Always. And if no one notices, all the better.
“God is in his heaven, all’s right with the world.” [many thanks to the poet Robert Browning for those words] God makes note, don’t you think? The good comes back around to us.  And it makes our own way lighter and ‘righter’.
I’ve been thinking about three little ways we can “light the way” for other folks:
1.  SMILE. I know… this is over-used. But I think it’s under-utilized if we don’t recognize the power of the smile. If you smile right now – while you’re reading this- it will probably make you feel better. I’m doing it as I type. It’s fun. Silly but fun. 🙂  There’s an interesting thing about smiles – people remember them. It amazes me how many people say that can recognize me by my smile. I don’t ‘get it’ – but I’m grateful. I’m gonna keep on smiling, because it’s a simple way to light my own way and others’, when I smile!
2. BE GENTLE. With yourself. With your family, with your friends, and with your little portion of the earth we live on. It’s a hard world, and there is much heaviness in it. A lot of people think being tough will help them make their mark. Let them. But, for a happier personal journey, I think we benefit by being gentle.
3.  FOLLOW A FEELING to do that  “little thing”: Feel like you should give someone a call? Go ahead and act on whatever you feel. If all is well, there’s no harm done. But maybe they need to hear your voice, or know someone cares, or  whatever.  Give a hug. stop by and say hello to a neighbor. Whatever. I know – I’m repeating the ‘whatever’ word. But ‘whatever’ runs through your mind or heart – if it’s a good thing- follow it. It might light the way for your friend in just the right manner, or exactly the right time.

Kindness Rules

The really awesome equation of lighting the way for another is that it it always illuminates us, as well.  There are opportunities all around us that, when we choose to go for it, lighten our world. In tiny ways we can make a world of difference for another.  And ourselves.  Kindness is its own reward, isn’t it?