Simple things are often the sweetest things of all.  Remember blowing bubbles as a kid? And enjoying watching your children, or grandchildren, having so much fun with such a simple little toy?
I wonder why we love the bubbles?
Maybe it’s because we use our imagination, or remember that Good Witch from The Wizard of Oz who floated around in a giant bubble.  It might take us back to our childhood days. Or maybe it’s just because it’s fun.
What’s wrong with having fun? Or taking the simplest things to heart? Not a thing!
Here are a few Simple Things I’m adding to my “Sweet File”:
1.  Keeping Blowing Bubbles on hand. In our cubby area, I have a couple of containers at the ready … just in case someone around here needs to relax, to play, or to reminisce.  [Including me.]
2.  Looking out the window more often. On occasion I still get too caught up in ‘stuff’. When I focus on writing or other work, too much time can slip by without a time-out. Peeking out the window on a cold day [when I don’t want to venture out] allows me to see the mountains, the rain drops, the snow coming down, or whatever. It gives me a moment to enjoy all that my eyes bless me to see. And my heart a moment to enjoy the wonder of it all.
3.  Smiling lots. When a physical therapist gave me the exercise of pursing me lips to strengthen the mouth muscles, I eventually added smiling- quick little smiles – to the routine. Now I  do it for my own entertainment. It makes me smile inwardly, as well. Makes me feel like a little kid and raises my spirits. So – smiling really IS a simple way to better enjoy the day!
4. Stocking coloring books. Not just for the little ones. For me, in case I wanna grab the crayons and enjoy a time-out from the stresses of the day. Or even without a single stress, it’s just plain fun. The family members don’t even ask – they’re come to realize the child in me will never completely disappear. Sometimes they join in.
5.  I hug.  I’m a hugger. Always have been. When folks don’t ‘get’ it, they probably think I’m a weirdo. The warmth of a hug can go a long way with most people. Simple joys come with small, tender acts.  My hubby, the kids, the grandkids, neighbors I see.  And sometimes, strangers:

Hugs – simply sweet

Yesterday my husband and I went to a little restaurant for lunch. I felt drawn to a quiet sunny spot over in a corner . As we approached the table, I saw three employees – a woman and two men-  sitting around the corner, tucked away from view. They were speaking in Spanish and I could only understand part of what they said.
My hubby and I chatted, enjoying the lunch. Then the lady began to weep – great drops falling down her cheeks. I was prompted to hug her as we left. Glued to my chair, I questioned the thought. She might feel I was crazy.  But the feeling persisted. Taking a deep breath, I walked to her table, touched her shoulder, and gave a little hug. Looking up, she smiled a grateful smile and said,
“Thank you.”
We left on our way, with my heart full.  I trust it made a difference for her.
It did for me.  A simple thing. But very sweet.