I’m trying to stay inspired for the Basics – physically, emotionally, and spiritually.  It’s not so easy trying to stay “at the peak” instead of falling “down into the valley” of – for instance – exercising.
This is me, on a Monday: “I’m gonna exercise every single day! No big deal. Just twenty minutes of real exercise daily!”
This is me, on Wednesday or Thursday: “Well, maybe I’ll try to exercise three times a week. That’s better than nothing, right?”
This is me, on Saturday: “Dang it. This happened and that happened, and I feel like this….  So, I’ll make exercise a priority later.”
Like, when I’m living full-time in Hawaii [no jabs from you permanent Islanders, please].
Or like when I have a limo pull up outside my door to take me to my personal exercise area, complete with refreshments [Wait. That probably doesn’t vibe well with the exercise idea. But food, and eating properly, is another story.]
And a massage therapist for afterwards.
And some magical pill I can take that will disallow any remnant of guilt for taking All That Time for myself, when I could have been… [you fill in the blank, all you fellow persons who love to carry a bit of the Guilt Monster on your shoulder.]

Staying Inspired for the Basics

Finding Joy In Exercising

I’m actually worse at staying inspired to do the physical stuff than the other categories. Remaining motivated and cheerful about exercising is not my cup of herbal tea.  So I’m working on a way to get over myself and just get on with it. If I want to hang out here on this earth for another couple of decades or so,  contributing in a meaningful way, I really do need to master the physical basics about now.
Anyhoo – The point is trying to STAY motivated.  So here’s what I’m gonna do:
1.  Not give up. Never, never, never, never give up. [My thanks to Winston Churchill for these good words that are helpful in so many situations.]
2.  Celebrate each positive step, no matter how small [pun intended. Step. Exercise. Get it?]
3.  Make visuals of the things I need to work on. Like setting up photos of the good, raw foods I need to keep in the house. It’s easier and less expensive to eat junk food. I find that ironic. Everyone in our household needs to do better at clearing out all the empty calories as we focus on nutritional value.
4. Put up a visual to help me sleep. A photo of  sheep in the bedroom sounds reasonable. Counting sheep to sleep, right? It might be wiser to hang it in the office, where I’m prone to hang out until all hours. Maybe better, I should go with counting my blessings, which is a good way to doze off on a positive mental note, after having given thanks to our Heavenly Father at the close of each day. So I’ll stick with the photo of Christ which is in the bedroom now. And ask for more help in getting to bed early.
5.  Appreciate the opportunity to start over fresh, every single day.  If I ‘blow’ it today, I can pick myself up and try again tomorrow. It’s not a race. Well, it is. But not with anyone else but myself.  The prize is a better me. And that’s always a good way to move forward.
Speaking of moving forward. I believe I’ll bounce off now and go exercise.   🙂