He Restoreth My Soul – some of my favorite hymns

My mom used to ask me to record a few of the good hymns that our family loved, “even if it’s just with a recorder sitting on top of the piano, with you singing in the living room.” I finally did what she asked – with my little recorder sitting atop the piano to make a tape. It brought me to tears watching mom’s own tears of joy. I knew it wasn’t necessarily the music, but my faith & testimony of goodness, that moved her.
Several years after mom passed away, I selected a few gospel tunes that had brought us peace & joy…& my good family memories.
“He Restoreth My Soul” – a simple piano & strings collaboration with long-time music partner Randy Kartchner of Nashville, TN – is an offering in honor of mom & dad, & a gift of love to my children & grandchildren. It offers no Big Sound or fancy ..anything. Just a heartfelt way of sharing faith & hope through hymns. This music CD brings tender thoughts & goodness to my heart. I hope you may feel the same.

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