It’s interesting that with the economy in the basement, and so many people out of work or barely making ends meet, generosity and charitable offering seems in full bloom.
I’ve enjoyed the gift of Good News several times in just the last few days:
1. Just this very day I noticed a woman stop by a Salvation Army station, complete with that smiling volunteer ringing the bells. She dropped a healthy amount of money in the bucket before she went her way into the store. Christmas spirit in action.
2. We were in the kitchen when we heard caroling. The doorbell rang and when we opened the front door, several young men enchanted us with their carols as they shivered in the cold. And it was cold! They were out to raise money for the local high school’s Toys for Tots. To do this service project with such a positive and fun attitude helped, I’m sure, to raise their coffers! A great way to spread Christmas cheer!
3. A tired clerk who looked like she could really use a few minutes to rest her legs was, nevertheless, smiling and kind to each customer. When I checked out, she reminded me of a bonus the store was offering, which saved me a considerable amount of money. What a help!
4. My granddaughter is service minded to the extreme. She began a teen service organization almost two years ago. This past the group began their toy drive for a homeless shelter. When her parents happened to mention her project to their co-workers, those places of employment joined in to offer money, toys, and coats. Awesome Christmas spirit.
5. My daughter’s car was broken into last night. In our own driveway. The thieves took money from her console, a bunch of CDs and a variety of personal items. Here’s where it gets interesting: The crew must have thought they hit the jackpot when they popped the trunk. In it were bags of toys, treats, and coats for my granddaughter’s homeless shelter project. Amazingly, my husband “just happened” to wake up in the middle of the night, and turn on the front light. It must have been when the bandits were in action, because they scurried, leaving the trunk open. The short story is: All the toys and treats were left intact. Only coats were taken from that trunk. You know what my granddaughter said? “Well, if they took coats first, they must have needed them, so I’m not going to get upset over it. I’m just glad that we have the toys to give to the shelter.” True Christmas spirit! Made my grandmother’s heart happy.
Christmas seems especially bright with tender mercies and happy blessings. Good News is happening all over the place. How sweet it is to see it in action!