Tis the season. Parties, events, traditions that include lots of food. Is there a tie between our mood and food? Apparently so. This is what I learned from reading an article about our personality and weight gain. Who knew?
A study that the National Institute on Aging recently concluded shows that impulsive folks weigh more than twenty pounds more than cautious folks. And angry people gain ten pounds more than happier ones. Moody souls gain more weight than their steady minded friends. Interesting stuff. Is it true? I don’t know. But it’s an interesting study.
According to them, we might not be able to change our personality, but if we know more about what kind of personality we have, we can change our behaviors; thus figuring out how to stop those extra pounds from creeping in.
I’m wondering – Will somebody pay me a lot of money if I set up a study on, say, what kind of cookies bring the most joy for Christmas? Or how much weight we can gain or lose depending on how much Christmas caroling we do, or Hanukkah baking we enjoy? Just wonderin’…..
Meanwhile, I’m pretty sure that during the holiday season all the calories fall out of the goodies we eat. After all, it’s the holiday season and it comes with awesome gifts like this. Come January, let me know if you figured out your personality type and if you plan to gain or lose a few pounds based on your mood. For now, let’s simply enjoy the goodness of the holidays. Bring on the treats without regard to calorie count!