My dad used to say, “Good on you!” a lot. For little things or big ones, it was his way of saluting my good choices. An effective positive re-enforcement for something accomplished. I felt sunny and peaceful and  “good” every time he said it. Now that I think about it, he was saying a whole lot more than I realized as a kid.
Thinking good thoughts gives us more good to go on. Saying and doing good things grows the desire to keep on saying and doing more of it, ya know? So we’re genuinely adding more good on us!
Today is not one of those days that calls to me with happy, wispy music saying, “Go and do good things!”
Actually, as I sit here thinking about a company that incorrectly input our bank account number from a check, causing all kinds of havoc; I feel more like stomping around. More like spinning in a negative little cyclone. More like taking out my frustration on the next poor soul who might call my phone number. Or settling in for an angry, grumbling ”How could they?” block of time. Dumb, huh?
At times like this, my dad’s “Good on you!” words come back to haunt me… I mean, uplift me.
If I act on negative feelings, not one positive thing will come of it. I end up adding anything-but-good on me! So – I pick myself up, stare in the mirror of my mind, and realize it’s time to dump the ugly, bad feelings. It becomes clear that this temporary problem is not worth inserting a yukky, less-than-positive layer on my heart.
The tough times come and go. We grow as we go through it. And add layers of positive or negative, depending upon how we act or react. A banking issue- that’s easy. Other events and experiences have been much harder, more demanding, as I go through my learning curves of life. Yet I see the same principle applies: How do I want to act and react?
Here’s the thing: In the whole scheme of life, we’re going to have some bad encounters. We’ll have challenges to deal with, ugly situations to problem solve, and mean-spirited people who cross our path. Is any single event worth adding a bunch of ugly layers on ourselves? Nah…. it really isn’t.
I’d rather have more good on me… in me…about me. I’d best take every opportunity to add another layer of good.
Thanks, dad. Good on you!