My Beloved Christ was created to praise Jesus Christ, grow our faith in him, & focus on some of the roles he plays in our lives. Then, it gives opportunity to reflect & ponder on how we can be better followers.

I wrote it with longtime music collaborator & good friend Randy Kartchner. We wanted it to be a reverent offering, honoring the majesty of our Savior. It includes regal choir numbers, more complex orchestration, & personal solo pieces. For Randy & me, it was the most satisfying/difficult music work we’d created for groups to present – because we wanted to tenderly revere Him through music, & invite more devotion as disciples.
I hope these tunes will grant you peace, perspective & strength. It was a beautiful experience to create! If you enjoy this music, and would like to purchase some songs, please visit our Music Downloads page to add them to your own music collection.

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