Because of a quote a Facebook friend posted, I had a good idea. Actually, it wasn’t my idea – it was the person who created the quote:

Lighthouses don’t go running all over an island looking for boats to save; they just stand there shining. –Anne Lamott

My idea was to figure out more ways to stand where I am and shine. It was a fun mental process & good for my mind, heart, and soul. Some of my ideas were comical, and some were- perhaps- profound. Wanna read a few of them?
Here we go:
1. Sometimes a piece of candy can make someone’s day. I could purchase a big bag and, whether I’m at home [where the family can be the benefactors] or in a parking lot, I could make somebody’s day. How easy is that?!
2. By virtue of our prayers and loving thoughts, I believe others can be beneficiaries of good things. If I can quietly remember those friends and family members who are in extra need, that shine can go long-distance.
3. The very idea of a lighthouse being a beacon on a hill is suggestive of calm and peace, as well as safety. Maybe a couple of deep breaths is all I need to ‘be still’ and shine for someone needing that light in the darkness. How can I help another person if I’m all-over-the-map myself?
4. Maybe I ask too much of myself sometimes. Maybe you do, too. A little bit of light goes a long way in a darkening world.
5. It might not seem like it, but laughing is like a burst of light – as long as that laughter is good natured and a way of rejoicing together. A tiny little giggle or a big rumbling roar – it doesn’t matter. Share the humor and share a speck of light!
I could probably think of hundreds of ways I’ve been gifted with a light when my world was dark. It’s awesome – and good to the bone- to reflect on those who are “lighthouses” in my life. Thanks to so many of you who stand there and shine!