I find it interesting how some days I am able to cope with stress so much better than others. On one of THOSE days, when I want to pull my hair out, and I feel as if I’m dodging bullets left and right, it’s imperative to keep things in perspective. Instead of tying a string around my finger to remind me of happy thoughts, I use the bracelet approach to get that oomph of Wonder Woman motivation.
The Silver Vault is an awesome little shop in Colonial Williamsburg, very close to where I grew up. I wear three silver bracelets on my right wrist – from the Silver Vault – that have been a permanent fixture since I was a young child. These pieces of jewelry represent where I come from and are representative of thousands of memories growing up.
Inside of a Rubbermaid storage container, there are other bracelets, with specific feelings attached to them. There are hospital name tags; those colorful, braided string bracelets given to me with love from my children on Mother’s Day; wristbands from awesome concerts, etc.
Wonder Woman wore her gold bracelets to deflect bullets. No matter how often shots were fired, or how much ammo came in her direction, the bracelets kept her safe from danger.
Days when I’m homesick for family and friends, my silver bracelets deflect sadness and remind me of home.
When I lack patience with my girls, my string bracelets remind me that motherhood is a gift.
Hospital wristbands bring gratitude for good health.
I’m never going to dodge all the emotional, mental, physical and spiritual bullets that come my way. It’s life! So I’m gonna rock my physical and “invisible” bracelets and have myself a good day.