I feel wilted.
It’s not a good feeling. Today is one of those days when I feel like the faded flower in a field of fresh, beautiful ones. I’m thinking I don’t even like the field anymore. Ugghh. So – what am I gonna do about it? After I crawled into my shell for a little while, I determined that I’d put into practice these few ideas. It may not perk up my petals, but it will bring more sunshine my way.
1. Put on a happy face. The old song has some positive power. On wilted days, it should give me some, as well!
2.  Appreciate the other flowers. The ones that still have all their petals and lots of gorgeous color. It takes my mind off what I ‘don’t’ have.
3. Compare myself to myself instead of to others flowers. There are always going to be flowers who have more petals than mine, more color than mine, shiner leaves than mine. [You know where I’m going with this one, right?]
4. Look up for the full effects of the sunshine and the rain. Both weather conditions are needful, at different times. Maybe the ‘rain’ I’m feeling today is – in a better and wider perspective- exactly what I need in order to keep growing.
5. What does ‘wilted’ mean, anyway? There are still seeds in wilted flowers. They give back – just in different ways. Maybe I should appreciate the moment of wilting, or the season of wilting, and learn from it.
Okay — so I’m feeling pretty good about these five steps. Already, my pulse is calming and I’m remembering this is only “one day” in a lifetime. Give me a while, and I’ll be back to loving this field in which I’m planted. Just like it’s supposed to be!