When I was five, I wanted to be Wonder Woman. She was a super inspiration to me.
For Halloween, I wore Wonder Woman Underoos over a turtle neck and some tights. My mom’s late 70’s disco era gold bangles, red lipstick and a star on my forehead instantly convinced me that I didn’t need a store bought costume.
Trick or treating in my underwear did not phase me.
My entire life I’ve kept a framed picture of that Halloween night on my dresser. My short brush with super hero fame made a lasting impression on me.

Not Phased At All

There are many days when I feel like I can’t fight a cold, the laundry, my daughter’s sixth grade math homework, or those extra pounds. Yet when I make a healthy meal, spend quality time with my family, and take the time to go exercising,

I’ve done something Wonderful!

I am worthy of the gold star on my forehead.
Who knows where the whole Wonder Woman fixation came from?
Who cares.
I am learning that I will never be a super hero, but being a good mom, friend, and PERSON is plenty good enough!
Now, somebody gimme my gold star!